Princess Deun Adodyin Solarin confers highest honour to Zimbabwe grassroots woman

Linda Kute is one woman who greatly inspires Muzvare Betty Makoni  and many in  grassroots Zimbabwe diaspora. Her fight for women and girls is very private and personal. She is a woman who grew up in a church where girls are not supported to school. She then worked hard to reach University and stood firm to defend every woman and girl she thinks society is trying to oppress. Her voice might not have reached many places where such informal work to stop violence  is recognised and supported but believe me there are community champions who work without counting the cost and still make huge impact.It is not only in organisations that are formal where we make impact in changing society.

As she celebrates her first degree, Her Royal Highness Princess Deun Adodyin Solarin confers Linda Kute the highest honor. Muzvare Betty Makoni lists Linda Kute on her top list of women the world must know. We will keep profiling her work.

Speech at Linda Kute graduation party by Muzvare Betty Makoni

I come to stand here not as Muzvare Betty Makoni you know me in many other circles. I come to stand here as Linda`s sister-sister because of the common story and fight we find ourselves in fighting to free girls and women from sexual slavery.

I met Linda in a very special way. It was one of those days when I was away in USA and then I came to my fan page. From her message inbox Linda made a plea for me to come help. I was very hesitant to do so because I was very much aware of the role of police and social services in UK when it comes to child sexual abuse. In any case I just felt UK had so many resources and I need not worry. But as Linda shared the case more and increased her please, I just told myself to come in and speak out. The case was shocking and here I will not divulge details just to keep Linda safe. But to think such a case had slipped away from justice shocked me about protection of African girls from rape by fathers, brothers and other close relatives. But Linda`s determination for justice in this case greatly inspired me. She was by then a student but someone who used her big heart to act. She was not by then an organisation and I agree with Princess Deun Adodyin Solarin when she installed Linda Kute with highest honour such an ordinary woman can get today

Linda spent some quality time reading my book Never Again. She was first to ask for it and when she just took less than a week to read the book, I felt her determination to learn.  The story she shared with me and her personal journey pained me from afar. I kept telling Linda she was like Ellah Makoni my sister. Today, I am here because of a story that inspires me. Linda is a hero. She is a survivor. She learnt everything through experience and then she dug deeper into knowledge from books. I knew even at that very time when she was denied education due to poverty in her family they were many and so little money, she kept searching until destiny landed her in England. She wasted no time and worked very hard to an extent of looking after her siblings and parents back home.  For that she became a family donor.   I know we all underestimate what we give  to our families but Linda Kute is one woman who besides giving to many others outside her family, she is there to help everyone.

I saw Linda in my personal story. I had one life chance to get an education like Linda. I had one bus to reach to  an entrance test for secondary entry  and I rushed after it with the help of market women. Had it left me, life could have left me. As poor children,  we are presented with one opportunity. If you run after education, you run after your life chance.

Today, I celebrate that many of us like Linda  got opportunities to flourish. Our children too here in UK are presented with life opportunities. The only way we must be grateful is to use everything  we have as opportunities with  all our hearts. The only way to show gratitude is to extend kindness to others with no such opportunities. I am humbled to be here and share. I urge young women to pursue education to the end. I urge young women to climb the ladder of success.

I now call upon her Royal Highness Princess Deun Adodyin Solarin to give Linda Kute the honour as an agent of change.

Proclamation on occasion to install Linda Kute as Pan-African Ambassador of Hope & ‘Change Agent’

Official Proclamation ~ By my Status & Role as a True African Princess by my Royal Lineage, through my Grandfather HRM Oba W C Adedoyin II, The Akarigbo of Remoland Nigeria and being 1st Child & Daughter(Beere) of my Father Prince IretiolaAdedoyin, The Onimale of Remoland Nigeria…Let it be Known, let it be Written, let it be Proclaimed That this Day Sat 7th Sept 2013 our New ‘Muzvare’ Linda Kute is Officially Installed ~Pan-African Ambassador of Hope & ‘Change Agent’~ Duly Witnessed by Muzvare Betty Makoni{Pan-African Yeye Ashiwaju Omoba}, other Pan-Africans & Guests…Well Done Princess Linda, Makorokoto! It is DONE, Glory Be To God!!!