Poor rural girl in Bikita with a tumor on global appeal

Precious Tarugarira Appeal for Medical Expenses.US $20 000 dollars is what hospital in Zimbabwe wants upfront for her to be operated. She survives on one dollar per day.
If you wish to donate please click below and this page strictly receives donations on her behalf.

Precious Tarungarira lives in rural Bikita in Zimbabwe, she is from a very poor family background of six. The family is dependent on substance small scale farming, surviving on a shoe string budget of less than two US dollar a day.  Precious developed a rare condition that started with itching of the right eye around November, 2012. It then began to look like an abscess on the eye but has now turned into a huge swelling affecting Precious’s right side of her face from the eye to the chin. She is now struggles with eating; talking and she cannot do anything strenuous exercise.

Attached here to this background information are pictures showing the worsening/deteriorating condition in which Precious is now. Preliminary medical examinations carried out on Precious indicate that she needs to be operated on. The medical treatment expenses are estimated to be in the region of US$ 30 000.00 a figure way beyond the reach of the family. We are appealing for donations from well-wishers to help finance the medical expenses for Precious.

All donations enquiries should be directed to Precious Uncle

MR Absolom Tarungarira, Phone +447500444177

Email: abs1972@msn.com

Express Consent

As an addendum to the authority given to GCN worldwide to appeal on behalf of Precious Tarungarira, Express consent is hereby granted to GCN worldwide to profile and use Precious Tarugarira’s story and pictures on their website to further the cause of assisting girls in similar situation worldwide. We view it as in the best interest of helping girls global. In addition, we agreed to cooperate with GCN worldwide now and in future to help the cause for girl child and that no claims shall be raised against GCN Worldwide in relations to the use of Precious Tarugarira for the furtherance of their business. We hope this to be a beginning of a long lasting relationship.


Absolom Tarugarira