Petition to save Nigerian girls from rape under guise of marriage:Princess Yinka Dixon-Oludaiye

Princess Yinka Dixon-Oludaiye
Princess Yinka Dixon-Oludaiye


I am the CEO of CP Family Support Services, an NGO for Migrant Families in North Dublin. I am also the Education Project Director & CEO of Premier College Ireland, Publisher of the female focused BECKY magazine, Motivational Speaker & Relationship Empowerment Coach at Yinka Dixon & Associates

GIRLS in Nigeria have now been Certified Fit for Sexual Slavery by NIGERIAN SENATORS, proposed by Senator SANI YERIMA, in a Senate led by Senate President DAVID MARK.

They claim it is part of Islamic religion to Marry out their BABIES…. BUT Nigeria is NOT a Muslim Nation. Many Nigerians have Muslim Relatives. My Muslim relatives CERTAINLY DO NOT WANT TO MARRY BABIES… And I know for sure, they DO NOT WANT HUSBANDS FOR THEIR BABY GIRLS… Effectively, what these Senators have done in other words, is to SLOWLY, enforce (in a round-about way) Sharia LAW & the Quoran on the whole Nigerian nation. That is a DUBIOUS & FRAUDULENT REASONING… Babies are used for Money Ritual, They are Sold out. They will become SLAVES for the rest of their lives, with no access to any degree of “NORMAL” life… The Girl Child has now become an endangered species. This is a very SICKENING development in a country that is already divided across tribal and political lines. It means Girl Children are NO longer safe (regardless of religion). Many were deprived of education before now (especially Northern Girl Children, where the Quoran is widely upheld, and Islam widely practiced). With this law, it is an open statement, that GIRLS DO NOT NEED to be educated, and that ALL THEY ARE USEFUL FOR, IS SEX AND HAVING BABIES. Is this YOUR plan for YOUR OWN UNDER-AGE DAUGHTER??? CERTAINLY NOT.


The previous little protection that was available for young women and girls has NOW been removed. Girls (AND BABIES) WILL NOW be open to being repeatedly raped in the guise of being married. This WILL have terrible consequences for our society AND our children… That means, BABIES can be kidnapped, and the next time you see them, the MEN can claim the BABIES are MARRIED. This is barbaric, regressive and VERY un-21st Century. It is an affront on the intelligence of the Nigerian populace, especially mothers. PLEASE, NOBODY IS SAFE…. nobody’s BABY GIRL is safe again in this country, Nigeria. Those girls NEED EDUCATION, not sex and babies. When they have education today, they grow up Secure, and CAN also become Politicians and Senators. Many of you Men have Daughters that you love. Please, SIGN this petition.

We are in a 21st Century Drive to EDUCATE GIRLS. On this issue of Scrapping of the Age limit in marriage for girls, the NIGERIAN Senate has got it wrong. Nigeria will NOW become a playground for paedophiles FROM EVERY COUNTRY. Our girls will become worldwide sex slaves. Please, Do not stay quiet on this one.

The Nigerian Senate 2013 Sani Yarima Sex Law on Girl Child Marriage MUST be REVERSED.

The Legal age of adulthood for girls at age 18year old is good enough!. Please, HELP NIGERIANS by impressing on the Senate to revoke this Law. EVERY SIGNATURE & EVERY VOICE COUNTS. PLEASE, ADD YOURS.


This is Senator SANI YARIMA’S LAW. This is the same Nigerian Senator that MARRIED A 13 year old in 2009, and GOT AWAY WITH IT…. He probably NOW needs another BABY WIFE…. Is this normal???

If your answer is NO, we agree its NOT normal. PLEASE, DO NOT KEEP QUIET NOW. Nobody’s Daughter is safe…. NOT EVEN YOURS…

Let’s NOT be caught in a CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE…
ONE DAY, it may be your grand daughter that gets hit by this…

It takes just a minute to sign this. Please, sign now. PASS IT ON TOO.

“Please sign this petition to stop this ungodly act in Nigeria. All you need to do is to click on the GIRL’s FACE (or on the IMAGE you see), or click the LINK, which will lead you to the petition page. When you have signed, CLICK on INVITE FRIENDS, and then TWEET about it… Invite more people to sign. Thank you and God bless you!

Play your part and stop the madness  Sign petition here

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