Nineteen Ninety Nine to Oh Oh Nine

I have seen them all
Shockers and shakers
Starters and strugglers
Winners and losers
Nineteen ninety nine to Oh oh nine!!!!!!

Girls of power
And girls of the poor with great potential
Girls destined
And girls distanced
I have seen them all in one decade

Organizations of friends
And organizations of foes
Organizations infiltrated
And organizations filtered
Oh oh nine!!!!!!!

Directors who founded organizations
And directors who find organizations
Directors who make sense
And directors who make cents
Directors of passion
And directors of pastime

Staff who perform
And staff who perforate
Staff who give excuses
And staff who give excesses

Boards that stay on board
And boards overboard
Boards duly elected
And boards fully ejected

Governments of the people
And governments off the people
Governments voted by the people
And governments vetoed by the people

Donors who interfere
And donors who are freer
Donors who underestimate
And donors who understand

Patriarchal husbands of gender activists
Patriotic husbands of gender activists
Sympathetic behind the scenes supporters
And front line pretenders and hypocrites
Oh oh nine from nineteen ninety nine

I have felt it all
Thought it all
Said it all
Oh oh nine from nineteen ninety nine.