New York`s Finest and Best Female Poet at UK`s Never Again Royal Night-5 April

We love to call her-New York`s finest and best poet and singer. Tantra Zawadi is going to be here in Stanford Le Hope, Essex, UK to celebrate the Never Again Royal night alongside some of the best of UK women leaders in business, charity sector and many other professionals. It is all happening on 5 April 2014.  We are all so excited. Please note that Tantra will be signing her two books alongside Muzvare Betty Makoni at the event. Just be ready for the greatest of all performances, Girl

Poet, Author, Filmmaker, Recording Artist Website:Click here, Contact: Debra Williams,Diamond and Company, 1-917-216-8445

A work of love – what Tantra-zawadi achieves through her art – envisioning she says “the unseen reality.” Soulful and sublime, her poetry explores love in all its forms; from the rush of the first kiss to the bittersweet. Born in Brooklyn, New York, as a performance poet and published author, Tantra-zawadi also uses her voice to raise awareness about issues that are important to women.


Tantra-zawadi has performed to standing-room audiences at venues as far away as South Africa, London, Germany and Canada. She has performed original works in off-Broadway productions of Girl – A Choreospective, FACE THIS, A Night of Three God/desses: Soldier Blues and Powerful Women, Stolen Dreams – a Stage Play, An Evolution in Reinvention, the Numeral Three, Leaving My Apartment and Other Urban Adventures and projects with the Vonduvoisdan collective. Her recent appearances include: Daniel Sorano National Theatre of Dakar, American Museum of Natural History, New York Public Library of Performance Arts at Lincoln Center, Austin International Poetry Festival, Badilisha Poetry X-Change Festival in Cape Town, South Africa and the Montserrat Poetry Festival in Missouri. Tantra-zawadi is a 2010 Pushcart Prize Nominee for her poem “Girl,” and a recipient of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office Women’s History Month Award. In December, 2011, Tantra-zawadi traveled to Senegal, West Africa to participate in the Senegal-America Project with Tony Vacca’s World Rhythms and Arts-Are-Essential, and joined them again in Senegal in 2012-2013.

Published Author Tantra-Zawadi’s latest book of poems, “Bubbles: One Conscious Breath”from Poets Wear Prada (July 2013), is available at and on-line bookstores.Tantra-zawadi, a mentor for Girl-Child Network Worldwide (GCN), will donate partial proceeds from “Bubbles: One Conscious Breath” and “Gathered at Her Sky” to GCN. Tantra-zawadi is also the author of “a life poem in progress” from Chuma Spirit Books, and her poetry was featured in several publications including Essence and SpokenVizions Magazines

Now available on Amazon
Now available on Amazon

On Screen: Tantra-zawadi has made several appearances on cable television, local and satelliteradio shows. Known for being on the cutting edge as an artist and for speaking out about issues such as HIV and AIDS awareness, her poem and video “Scarlet Waters,” was featured on the Product(RED) video wall to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS in Africa. She has directed two short documentaries: “Girl, The Film – Volume I, A Message from Ardija Red-Cloud” and “A Silent Genocide ~ A Brief Insight into HIV/AIDS,” both edited by Oliver Covrett. “A Silent Genocide” was selected and screened as part of Cine Mostra AIDS Brasil 2010 in Sao Paulo. Tantra-zawadi also participated in a public service announcement for BETAH Associates produced by Marc Herbert Productions aimed at promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. Her videos and films may be viewed on-line. Watch and be inspired here

“Bubbles: One Conscious Breath,” Poets Wear Prada, 2013

“Tantra-zawadi is magical just like the African mermaid. Her flow is thewater and her words become the boat that you sail in. In this world of all form and no substance, her words have meaning and a sensuality that we don’t often find. Hearing and reading her poetry is like taking a journey to the places we dream of.”

-Abiodun Oyewole, founding member of The Last Poets

“Tantra-zawadi’s new collection is a must to read. It bubbles through every corner of the world. The symbolic bubble lofted in the air will leave many with multiple meanings of the beauty of life — a dose of inspiration — bringing the world closer to peace and hope. I am permanently inspired by Tantra-zawadi. She is not only a poet — she is my hero. Let history not leave out those who remained on the ground inspiring communities and breaking taboos whilst at the same time uniting the global village. I fully endorse this book and I ask every human being in the world to bubble their lives with this amazing great piece of art.”

-Betty Makoni, Founder of the Girl Child Network and CNN Hero

“Gathered at Her Sky,” Poets Wear Prada, 2010

“Tantra-zawadi is one of the finest and greatest female poets who has undoubtedly ushered in a new era and genre that will take the 21st century into one where humanity will move forward. She rejuvenates the weak mind, shakes and moves hard hearts. If one wants the power of poetry, then Tantra’s is the holistic package.”

-Betty Makoni, CNN Hero and Founder of the Girl Child Network

“Tantra’s writing oozes with the passion of Neruda and the sensitivity of Sonia. Her words canwarm the coldest of hearts.”

-Bruce George, Co-founder of Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam

“Tantra-zawadi’s poetry speaks of a global consciousness and ambassadorship; each word of

every line reminds us of the connection we have to one another in the race to win.”

-Tshombe Sekou Harris, Founder/Host of Freedom Verse Cafe

“The power in her words percolates; the truth in her story persuades; and the activism in hermessage is victorious.”

-Chuma Whahid Rasul, Founder/CEO of Chuma Spirit Books, LLC and author Of The Third Eye of a Butterfly