My replaced visa biometric card will be tied to my braa string

As we grow up and become more modernised we forget simple lessons that kept our mothers and everything they owned in tact.  Here is how I bring back the lessons of keeping everything tight in a braa.

I recently completed a very successful trip to the US where I went to meet fans and supporters of Girl Child Network Worldwide. I must confess and say flying into three states is often tiring but of course that is no excuse for anything that I should keep tight. On 17 December I was very excited about flying back to England to be with family when suddenly at check in I realised that my biometric visa card had slipped out of my passport- unaware of it because had I known this should have the only thing I could have tied to my braa as getting another one is a cumbersome process. I was left with no choice than to admit the card was lost and so no flying back to UK.

Thanks to my insurance company and my husband who supported me otherwise without their support I could have faced challenges.

Always I want to draw lessons to share with others. Next time I travel I will have a small pocket tied to my braa.  We used to do this a lot as child vendors and we lost not a penny that I know. That is where I will put my biometric visa card when it is replaced in a few days.  I do not want to miss Christmas with my children especially after long periods of away from home.

On Thursday 2o December I begin the process of getting my visa back and thanks to all friends who kept me company.