Muzvare Betty Makoni urges voters to shun child rapists during Zimbabwe Election

Dr Munyaradzi Kereke allegedly raped 11 year old girl at gunpoint
Dr Munyaradzi Kereke allegedly raped 11 year old girl at gunpoint


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I am so shocked that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission could allow  Dr Munyaradzi Kereke to run for such a respectable position of Member of Parliament for the 2013 harmonised elections in Zimbabwe. My clear records with me here show that he raped an 11 year old girl and infected her with an STI.  I do not understand why his sexual violence record was not brought forward  so that this acts as a warning to him and other would be high profile alleged rapists. To think such a man will be our leader is betraying what my great grandfather Chingaira fought for in First Chimurenga. He was beheaded and for standing against oppression. Now to think this man will be in our parliament signals the end of all girls. This man is very cruel I tell you. I am the one on his case for the past three years now. The girl he raped suffered post traumatic disorder and her life was threatened and she has lived under fear. For almost a year she refused to go to school because of fear of being attacked by this man. He raped her at gunpoint. Zimbabwe  has let all girls down by allowing him to be an MP and I hereby protest and will continue to do so. I cast my public protest vote against Dr Munyaradzi Kereke right here  here and right now before everyone vote him tomorrow. I am voting for safety of girls. My vote will not be counted but please count my heart for girls in Zimbabwe raped by this man.


It is a day to go before Zimbabwe goes for its harmonised election. Well, as an activist, I have been following through social media, news websites  and via my friends on Whatsup from Zimbabwe. Generally,  whilst in the Diaspora I do make an effort  to  meet many other women from across Africa to just think what can be done to make the whole continent move forward. To be honest, once the political situation is stuck and so is everything social and economic. There will not be confidence in investors and consequently no jobs and no parents will afford to pay for their children`s education. It means only rich black Zimbabweans will afford education and to secure futures of their children.

But just a few hours ago my friends especially from high density suburbs  just disappeared from Whatsup and not so sure I will get them until elections are over. Luckily I bumped into social media report that all social media from Zimbabwe is blocked.  Shocking and how can that be? One would have thought something like IT would be left to roam around and connect ordinary people but now that it is switched off and there is fear it could announce the vote informally and cause chaos.  Read more here

Believe me from friends on my Facebook I had to share two articles on voters roll in Zimbabwe. One was from ZimEye and pointed to voter fraud to do with duplicate names that could bring massive figures to rural areas. Another one I read was from ITV in UK stating 100 000 century old people appear on the register in a country where average life expectancy for women is 45. Eish!!! Where are  the auditors, statisticians and mathematicians to do a proper count? As an educated nation we have professionals who can be assigned to work on the voters roll.

Then it was scary to read  from Bulawayo 24 that one of the Army Generals   from Zimbabwe, Retired Brigadier-General Livingstone Chineka will declare war if his party loses. I asked why war to kill your own people rather  than war against poverty? Who wants war this day and age? The only war civilized people go to is war against poverty.  There comes in 21 st century a time when civilized  people shun war and yearn for peace for this life which is evidently so short. Quite interesting revelations from the chats I had with friends on Facebook.

I was thinking much would change, but like my first name Hazviperi which means something which does not come to an end, I have doubts that that the political crisis  in Zimbabwe will end. Of course there is a very dangerous passive resistance that will stay for many decades  but not so sure if it will do much to a government with same political set up like 13th century Britain especially during the middle ages where monarchs like for  King John had to slowly accept reforms such as setting  up  independent judiciary and allowing free vote. It is very hard to transform from a monarch kind of political set up to a democracy.  People must understand it took Europe and America years to be where they are. Yes we are physically in 21st century but mentally our systems of governance are way behind.

Zimbabwe political crisis is very complicated and to be honest I am not so sure who is currently running Zimbabwe. The layers are too many and to clean up the system there needs to be a dedicated team of non partisan Zimbabweans who would try a transitional government made up of everyone who is good.  By that I mean we must have good judges, lawyers, doctors, educationists and just about everyone who is committed to first put a basic system of government that could make basic things like education, health, law and housing and  infrastructure even to allow citizens to flash out toilets after relieving themselves. Just anyone passionate to just put in place  even basics like water and electricity should be the one we should chasing after with our vote. Then the same good citizens could put a good auditing system of every citizen, human and material resource we have in the country in place . In short,  a good transitional government to finally bring this political mental unrest to peace is what can work. Elections will not work if the voters are non existent and in ghost forms. A transitional good government that allows people to heal, gain confidence, set up basic infrastructures and ensure there is peace   could be allowed over twenty years until system matures and people accept it.

That said I want to say that the whole of Africa needs to rethink what values they hold in order to be in public office. I am not so sure if as Africans we have matured to have good governance systems or this is something we want to think about over the next decade and focus on. Save for President Mandela who served the shortest and most peaceful time in Africa, I fail to bring any other leader who could set such a good example of power handover and take over.

I also appeal to those who are different from black Africans and who are in Africa or born there or live there or helping there to rethink  their vision for the continent. As the  political crisis like in Zimbabwe rages on like this, many have cashed on it. These are just individuals who are useless in their countries of their origins  have positioned themselves  to enjoy exploitation of Africans just like the some African monarchies they serve. They are not sensitive to children out of school, children starving, children dying of war and disease. All they want is their pocket to be fat. How cruel!!! I think is it time Africa thinks deeply about its citizens first  and who and who they want to work with to end poverty and disease. To think many of such foreigners  go to holidays because they cash in from this  political crisis and at expense of the poor Africans is tragic. Why cant we open our eyes and see that we are all black African people who need each other and who must work very hard to change the continent?

Meanwhile from my interactions with girls and women from Zimbabwe, their wish list is very reasonable if only politicians could think others and not themselves only. The need to have education and have rural schools built and equipped, teachers and civil servants  salaries are very low, justice for children raped especially by high profiles is delayed and denied, stop gender based violence and discrimination, ban churches that marry children, help poor students with loans and grants for university education, provision of water and electricity because the burden now with women to carry litres of water  and bundles of firewood on their heads, provision of good maternal health care, social services for children at high risk of abuse and with no parents, compensation and justice  for everyone raped in 2008 elections, establishment of child support and domestic violence court,s  making 50 % women occupy parliament and senate. Any political set up that provide for these is acceptable by many women I spoke to. When you have  lost everything in life, then the only thing you work for is survival. If politics can guarantee survival in the jungle then many desperate women and children would rather go with it.

I also think that intelligence reports supplied by Baba Jukwa  and anyone who wants to see things better in Zimbabwe should be a basis for a political recommendation. There is no way we can ignore such  information especially when it breaks those hidden secrets where governance continues to rot. It is a big revolution brought by social media. It is an eye opener to many. More so the information seems to be recommending a way forward and it is people centered. If anyone is very serious on way forward for Zimbabwe then I do recommend they read again all recommendations posted here by Baba Jukwa on his page. Read everything with an open and objective mind and then you will get an answer for Zimbabwe. Even any government to start setting after elections my suggest is they start from Baba Jukwa page. Trust hurts to those who hate it but it heals to many who want to move forward.

I always turn to my hero Josiah Tongogara to keep speaking to Zimbabweans. His speech remains the best ever to be made by a politician. I suggest you listen to it again and again and in it there is a summary on what Zimbabwe needs to do to move forward.


Villagers in Chidhakwa Village, Ward 10 Murewa North, were left shocked following the gruesome murder of Ambuya Theresa Nkosa Jackson (65) and her granddaughter Jane (14) in what is suspected to be a case of political violence. Read more here