The women who are most inspiring

Muzvare Betty Makoni on One Harmony Reggae Radio on 20 March

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Muzvare Betty Betty Makoni cannot wait to meet this great co- presenter of one of the most amazing radio shows .Please meet the most inspiring woman on radio –Chi-Chi Nnani and read her story on her guest on the show…What do you think ?

The women who are most inspiring
The women who are most inspiring

When I first heard this woman speak, I knew I had ‘hit jackpot’. It was at a Women’s Business Event (IWOP 2014 organised by Vanessa LvLv-Events Wedding-Decor), and she was the Keynote Speaker. She didn’t stay for the entire event.

I’d known by then that I would start co-presenting “Let’s Talk About It” on ONE HARMONY REGGAE RADIO (from 20th March 2014 – 10th April 2014). I also knew she had to be on the show. I may have spoken to/bothered/stalked a couple of people, then got her details. I nearly passed out when I saw her website. A part of me was like, “This woman will not have the time”. But then, I thought “I know she’s busy, but the worst that can happen is she’ll say ‘No’. But if I don’t ask, I will never know what could have been.”

And I am beyond thrilled to say that Muzvare-Princess Betty Makoni Muzvare Betty Makoni will be joining us on the first episode of “Let’s Talk About It”. She’s among other things, a Gender-Based Violence Expert for the UK Foreign Office, CNN Hero, Girl-Child Rights Activist, (widely sought after) Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Human Rights Defender, Educationist, Wife, Mum, and Philanthropist.

She has also been lauded as “One of the 150 Women Who Shake The World”, and as “the woman challenging UK female genital mutilation”.

Join us on 20th March 2014 from 5-7pm UK time (that’s 6-8pm Nigerian time) –

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