Message on Occasion of 16 Days of Activism

Muzvare Betty Makoni calls upon Zimbabwe and Africa  to support empowerment and education of girls as a foundation stage of striking gender equality and ensuring that a lot of what happens to women later on in life is dealt with. There have been many cases reported to Girl Child Network Worldwide involving girls as young as ten years old being given to polygamous men to be sixth or seventh wife in the Johane Marange church and this is happening right in our face without society moving in to stop the mess. Prevention of gender based violence is key and this is why Girl Child Network believes in activist ,proactive and preventative programs to catch girls whilst young and instil the means for girls to reach their full potential as women leaders

Having 16 days of activism is a reminder that we should  go to communities and families  as these are the basic units of any  nation and devise interventions that are real and bring ownership in the community. As long as programs come and go through a select group of well funded women`s groups ,the problem of gender based violence will take root as participation and innovation is not extended to those who walk the talk in the communities .Communities should come up with innovative and preventative programs to stop gender based violence and laws and policies must be simplified for communities so that they are like what the bible is to a christian.At the moment laws are not implemented to the full and this is why a lot of rapists are walking scotfree and continuing to harm moregirls.It is always the case that the laws are on paper and law enforcement agents have not been transformed at personal level to deal with attitudes, beliefs and practices towards especially women and girls who experience violence

Girl Child Network Worldwide believes that building foundation stage for girls and putting them at the centre of development is long term solution to making sure the victim mentality is dealt with and that boys and girls ,men and women all are treated equally and with dignity. We are therefore moving with Girls Empowerment and Education Fund to ensure girls in Zimbabwe and Africa have all resources they need for self empowerment programs and education which is key is giving someone a career ,an income and self worth and independence. We realise that we cannot achieve this as a small organization in Africa and that is why recently we moved from an African village to a Global village as gender based violence affects everyone regardless of race ,colour, religion and language .It needs collective action and mobilisation from the home, school and community to every platform globally

It is a clear case that gender based violence though not yet declared a global third world war ,many wars are being fought in the homes than any full scale we know and the lives lost through home based wars are much more than any lives lost in any world war.