Malawi and Africa -How shameful we left “hyenas” destroy girls

Erica Aniva who is HIV positive  raped little girls and was paid to do so in order to fulfil cleansing rites.  Read  full story here BBC Story on a man who raped girls to cleanse himself

Photo credit BBC News

Now that the  beast Erica Aniva is arrested, whither to with little girls so wronged?  What would have happened if BBC had not exposed this? Are we saying Malawi fears to offend culture more than ensuring the lives of children at risk? There are questions to be answered. Malawi government, parents and all who claim to stand for children in the country should take full responsibility.

Each time an update of BBC documentary on a man known as hyena comes to my inbox or am tagged by a friend  I try to cover my head from from emotional and imagined physical punches. I keep visualising the destruction of  little girls. I see the whole scene when they stand pleading for mercy with no one paying attention.

I recall the documentary I was featured called Tapestries of Hope which featured similar stories where men rape girls because of the virgin myth that HIV and AIDS is cured by having sex with a virgin girl. It is not ignorance because most people know there are HIV and AIDS drugs. The myth is deep seated and it perpetuate violence against women which must be challenged now.

Zimbabwe`s vulnerable girls want peace

Well he is finally arrested. Most probably as loyalty to the world, Malawi government will jail him. But are they sure they will jail the harmful cultural practices. There are millions of girls violated by over 30 harmful cultural practices in Africa. Arresting one and not crushing all of them at once does not help. Malawi like all African countries refused to make law the AU Protocol on women and girls rights that outlaws such harmful cultural practices. There is urgent need for laws protecting children in Africa. There is urgent need for funding and support to go to children trapped in such harmful cultural practices. They will not exist unless government takes urgent their plight. There are no children`s services in Africa. The girls could have escaped and got help. But there is nowhere to turn to.