Lets pave way for young visionaries-R Effect

Rutendo Denis

I am turning 23 on Tuesday and this year I do not want any presents/ phone calls or all that fussing about. HOWEVER, you too could help me celebrate my birthday in a different way, WHEREVER you .R. or WHOEVER you .R.

(please note u can do all 23 or none at all. at least try one sha! thenks ka!)

So here’s the thing, every year I dedicate my year to a particular cause. Last year I shaved my head bald for cancer awareness. This year I am focussing more on creating a contagious,kinda like domino effect appreciation, and celebration of ZIMBABWEANS throughout the world. I believe that this year is the year we have more recognition for the positive attributes we have as Zimbabweans. I am not at all unaware of the situation in my country or the plight of my fellow brothers and sisters out in the diaspora. I am very much aware however, I chose not to be in harmony with the negative energies. SO NEHU *Moving right along* Below are 23 points or things that you guys can help me with in celebrating my birthday this year.  thenks ka!

  1. Yal know how much i love hugs. If you are not where you can give me a big ass 2handed hug or back hug please can you hug anyone else just as you would hug me. Channel that love to some1 else. you dont know how much better some1 might feel cause of that hug 🙂 thenks ka.
  2. Please SMILE 🙂 can you look at the pic attached to this note. thats me smiling at you 😀 so if its very hard for you please can you just have a mental picture of me smiling at you and pass on that energy to everyone you walk past even if its one person 🙂 thenks ka!
  3. I am very passionate about people. The next points are going to be charity organisations I am affiliated to that I would like you guys to support in anyway you can. It can either be in cash/kind or as little as spreadin the link of the work they do. thenks ka!
  4. First organisation is Positive Youth Programs which I am a Young Ambassador for. It is a multi-cultural youth organisation that Inspires Youth like myself and you if u are one to EMPOWER those that are not as fortunate as we are. check out more about wot we do @http://www.positiveyouth.org.uk/ thenks ka!
  5. The 2nd Organisation is the Just Children Foundation which is working with children on the streets of Zimbabwe. some of you may remember me asking you to buy any child on the street that you see a meal. yes even one, a meal. They are not street kids, they are just children. to find out more about JCF’s work and if you can help or volunteer in anyway please can you visit: http://www.justchildrenfoundation.org/ thenks ka!
  6. Another area that is close to me is the rape/sexual violation of girls, women, you know wot of anyone really. there are many cases of rape and sexual abuse throughout the world. its crazy but if you wanna help a child in need or just want to spread the word on how please visit  :http://girlchildnetworkworldwide.org/ may we all work towards empoering MORE WOMEN. thenks ka!
  7. Take a moment for YOURSELF. just sit bac, lie on your back or wotever. just lie there doin nothing. give your body, mind and soul time to relax.sheeeesh! i know too many of you are workaholics can you just calm down. FOR YOURSELF.if not 4u for mu birthday 🙂 thenks ka!
  8. Seein as i dont have a proper number as I type. I do not mind if you do not call me to say or sing Happy Birthday. Instead, please could you call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. maybe you drifted in friendship, you fought or wotever. Please can you just call then to check up on how they are doing. thenks ka!
  9. please can you youtube the song “Quando Das Um Pouco Mais” by Sara Tavares. this is my favourite song in the whole world. thenks ka!
  10. please can you also listen to “Balance” by Sara Tavares. I love beautiful music and i would like to share this with you in the next five points. Thenks ka!
  11. My current favourite album is “Afrika” by Kudzai Sevenzo, please can you go out to the store and by it. I am not sure if it is available on itunes but yal have to listen to “Child of Afrika” and “Kwandinobva”- feat Jonah Sithole. if you are from Africa/Zimbabwe this album will just make u glow like… the HECK. to have a listen and feel of wot i mean please check out:http://www.kudzaisevenzo.com/ thenks ka!
  12. Another album that is drivin me nunuz is Edith We Utonga’s allbum Utonga. She is another insanely talented ZIMBABWEAN bassist. I love her song -Amai. Please can you check out her music and listen to that song @ :http://edithweutonga.com/ thenks ka!
  13. There isn’t a lot of appreciation of house music in Zim. but can you guys please check out the quality of work by Bulawayo born DJ Luo. My favourite track from this lad is -“Her eyes go so deep” please can you check that mix out @ djluo.com thenks ka!
  14. I have never been one of those yo yo yo hip/hop fan but eee that was b4 i saw Tehn Diamond permorm this lad is one talented ZIMBABWEAN bitin the mic. have a listen to his music here:http://www.ilike.com/artist/TehN+Diamond thenks ka!
  15. I love walkin with people that inspire me. ndinofa kufamba newanhu wane bren. Now, can you please youtube: ” FAMBA NEWE” by Andre feat G.O.R.E. these are 2 VERY TALENTED ZIMBABWEAN musicians. heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKVINZwGCxg&feature=relatedthenls ka!
  16. I cannot even begin to give out shout outs but please look out for Sugapott, Nadia Nakai, SynikZIM, Drissy Parker. infact can you just watch my updates n blog cause yal r really missin out kuno.thenks ka!
  17. Ok enough with the music. sheeeesh! now im gettin down to the serious issues. final stretch! woooooooooooo! this point is just to say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (yes u can 2) thenks ka!
  18. If you are a DJ/music television presenter please can you make it a daily point to feed ur audience with positive messages that inspires folk to be the best they can be. if you do already…. thenks ka!
  19. If you are in a position of influence or power. could you please create platforms for other people to realise their dreams/ goals. im not saying donate R4902084 to charity or wotever but, if u can offer someone mentorship or help BUILD them in anyway. even if its ONE person on the 1of FEB please do it! you lose NOTHING! thenks ka!
  20. Please can you go to the mirror and tell the person staring back at you you love them. they just need to remember that. thenks ka!
  21. Please can you make the effort to talk to a workmate/collegue/person you wouldnt usually strike a convo with. You never know wot you might learn. thenks ka!
  22. May you be the change you wanna see in 2011. can you just get out of the comfort zone and surround yourself with positive people that help you grow. RYT LETS GO!!!! thenks ka!
  23. LAST but certainly not least, can u hug yourself or a comfortable big ass pillow. that is me. huggin you. a huuuuuuuuuuuuge two handed hug saying thank you for bein a part of my life and for celebrating my 23rd birthday with me. thenks ka!

ok for some reason i cant remove the 24. but thats jsut a bonus for me to Thank GOD for blessing me with another year of service. I love you. thenks ka!

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