Kyriah Dee won`t watch girls suffer,she is doing something-Join the Girl With a black Umbrella Campaign

My adopted mother, and mentor, Betty Makoni as we did our first Promo for The Girl With the Black Umbrella

Kyriah Dee is a Zimbabwean, Dublin based artist with a passion for empowering people. As a domestic violence survivor, she is determined to make sure all, and particularly women around the world are educated and independent. In her video for her debut single Turn Around, one of the first and probably most significant scenes of her wearing all black, with a Big Black umbrella, portraying herself as the Female Activist with a Black Umbrella. The Songstress described the symbolism.

“The Umbrella symbolises God in my life, he covers me in the toughest and roughest storms. he keeps me warm and dry, on the other hand, James 1:27 mentions that pure and genuine Religion means caring for orphans and widows, and the umbrella symbolises all those organisations that provide a refuge for those in need, like the Girl Child Network”

The Charity

The Girl Child Network was founded by Betty Makoni a woman who has received so many awards, notably the CNN Hero of the year award for defending the powerless. The organisation stands to rescue girls and women who have been victims of rape, domestic violence, and those who are vulnerable in a patriarchal societies that do not prioritise the needs of children. More information about the girl child network can be found on

The Inspiration

Kyriah herself was inspired by personal experience to get involved in the Girl Child Network, after the death of her father at the age of 12, her mother, a grieving single parent fell into depression. With the Zimbabwean economy on the down spiral, it was hard for the widow to find work and soon emmigration seemed the best option, unfortunately she fell further into depression, was hospitalised in Ireland thus unable to work. With complications in her father’s estate, Kyriah was unable to go to school for a year, It was in this year that she was involved in alcohol and substance abuse. She was rapped in August 2001, at age 13 although in fear of her life never reported it. she travelled to join her mother in 2001 but troubles were not far from her as she eventually got involved in an abuse relationship for 6 years. She found the strength to leave and having discovered a gift of singing she released her first Single Turn Around, under A.B.R.A. Tribe, of which 30% of royalties each year will be donated to the Girl Child Network. Having experienced all these things, her passion has now become for young women to be educated, thus the Girl Child Network was the right vehicle.

“In Zimbabwe I found there was nowhere to go, when i heard the work Betty is doing, i said to myself, this organisation should be there for EVERY girl, I know im definately the only one, and i wanna make sure no more girls go through what i went through, I totally respect Betty Makoni. she is now like a mother to me, her advice and support reflects her organisation. this is why i support the moevement.” -Kyriah

The Goal

The Girl with the Black Umbrella aims to Raise minimum £1000 that will pay for school fees for orphaned children for the year of 2012 through the Girl Child Network. This money rasied goes the the currently running, first ever Girls Empowerment and Education fund, designed to specifically raise funds for girls to go to school, finish third level education. It will serve greatly in societies that have been devasted by HIV and AIDS, leaving many children orphaned, and without support. Commonly, Betty and Kyriah share the sentiments that every woman should aim high, and avail of endless doors of opportunities, Financial support is vital but further more, empowerment camps that serve as a place for young women who have suffered horrific experiences without the right support need a centre to give counselling, knowledge on the basic human rights, and meeting point for those who have had similar experience.

The Product

A Black Umbrella printed by Ndini Afrika that will be signed by artists, actors, entertainers, Possible signees are Jusa Dementor,Bkay and Kazz, Victizzle, Utter Once, Oliver Mutukudzi, Winky Dee and many more.

The Fund Raising

The initiative is to mostly raise awareness and for people to donate money, anything from 10p to bidding to buy the Umbrella from £1000.

Hazviperi Betty Makoni(Muzvare)

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

4 West Road,Westcliff-On Sea,Essex,SS0 9DA

Tel: 00447951522790

Registered Charity No:1139112

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