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Girls Round the World Are Forming Girls Empowerment Club

Girl Child Network Worldwide has a ten year history of running Girls Empowerment clubs in Africa and worldwide. Daily young women from various  communities ,universities ,churches, schools and just everywhere are forming girls empowerment clubs as platforms to help each other. Every young woman who emerges as a leader comes out to help in their own way and they are supported by a team of experts from GCNW. Various events are planned throughout the year to bring all girls in our empowerment clubs together. Girls who have been members have joined an Alumni group on facebook and they are proud leaders in various spheres of life. The stories of success give hope and clearly show gone are the days girls were seen as victims of abuse and vulnerable. Girls have the power to lead and make decisions on their lives.

What are Girls Empowerment Clubs?

Girls clubs provide a platform for girls to meet and share experiences. They create the much needed space and time for girls to meet weekly, have conversations, ask powerful questions on issues affecting them and come up with realistic and practical solutions to dealing with challenges in the home, school and community.

Normally club membership ranges from 20 to 50. Big clubs, break up into smaller groups for effective club management. Clubs are coordinated by volunteer club coordinators who are usually female teachers, social workers ,University students  on internship, church leaders and anyone who has passion and commitment for  girls’ empowerment and development.

What are some activities carried out at club level?Activities vary depending on the objectives of the particular club, but clubs are encouraged to organise the following activities:

  • Facilitate confidence building training programs for club members  among
  • Weekly /monthly meetings on empowerment
  • Use art in the form of poetry, drama, pictures, stories, songs, dances and speeches which depict issues affecting the girl child and present them at a public exhibition or school assembly.
  • Share information on child sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS and children’s rights
  • Girls write in their journals regularly and follow one’s goal, career and activism.
  • Discuss challenges in girls’ lives and work out best solutions
  • Peer to peer counselling
  • Invite female role models, such as female pilots, doctors, lawyers, and directors etc to visit the club and share their experiences as a way to inspire girls to make a break through into male dominated fields
  • Organise awareness campaigns on child sexual abuse
  • Speak out on girl child abuse and write petitions to legislators
  • Invite your parents for an open day on Girl Child Empowerment
  • Participate in GCNW annual national programmes (i.e. Child Sexual Abuse Workshop, Arts Festivals, Drama Competitions, Sport tournaments  and Million Dollar Girl to Girl Campaign)
  • Disseminate information on HIV and AIDS prevention, reproductive health, STIs etc
  • Produce and circulate a girls’ newsletter /Newsflash
  • Leadership training and opportunities to lead in empowerment programs in Africa
  • An opportunity to be an intern and volunteer for GCNW and gain knowledge and skills for your International development experience
  • Leadership skills are acquired by girls and they receive a certificate of membership which is like a referral letter on skills and experiences they have
  • Networking with various organisations
  • Represent GCNW at various international forums
  • Subsidised leadership training
  • An opportunity to visit projects in Africa

Donate a dollar per year to Girls in Africa

  • Your Girls Empowerment Club can do a fundraiser for disadvantaged girls in Africa with no basics like sanitary pads, underwear, school fees and food
  • Join our facebook page and mobilise other girls to join

What are the advantages of joining Girls Empowerment Clubs?

Being a member of Girl Child Network Club has many advantages. Some of the positive experiences reported by current members include

  • Increased confidence and empowerment
  • Improved communication and public speaking skills
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of child abuse
  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS and other issues related to health
  • Knowledge of Reproductive Health rights
  • Better access to information about career development
  • Leadership skills enhanced

How can I start and run a girls` club?

Any girls and women  interested in starting a girls’ empowerment club should follow these steps:

  • Gather a group of interested girls. Members can be recruited by advertising on school bulletin boards, making announcements in classes or at school assemblies
  • Invite a passionate and committed female or male teacher to act as club coordinator.
  • Ensure that all members understand the aims and objectives of GCN.
  • Ensure that all club members fill out a GCN registration form
  • Choose a day, time and venue to meet each week
  • Make a list of realistic objectives and identify activities which will help you achieve these objectives. Create a plan book where activities can be planned and recorded
  • Call GCNW team to train your club members as long as you are a paid up member you receive at least one empowerment training session per year
  • Make sure you receive a detailed club manual before the training so that you acquaint yourself with GCNW work and programs

National Executive Committee

  • A governing body elected annually to spearhead GCNW at national level. Each club President is nominated to represent their area. They meet Quarterly and whenever any urgent issue arises

Membership fee

  • We encourage every girl to pay a membership fee of 10 pounds per year for administrative purposes .
  • Details on how to make a payment are available on GCNW website

Registered clubs and Areas

  • Formal registration will be done for clubs that demonstrate all the above and where formal training has been done by GCNW Team.
  • Girls Empowerment clubs are formally launched after one year of being in operation and all members of the club are certified
  • All registered clubs will be shown on our website with their brief profiles
  • Contact Details

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