Ian Mathole-Unsung hero for orphaned children with broken dreams in Zimbabwe

With modernization and emergence of African capitalism this was fast eroded and taken over by bureaucracy and big organisations who come to donate and pass by or drivers on a street who dump a coin or two to a street and pass by. The responsibility to give love and parental love to children which was the core of Zimbabwe culture is no more and yet it is the one that kept many orphaned children back.

Ian Mathole is a grassroots leader I personally admire. He is not only donating materials things to children ,he is going out there giving love, comfort ,empowerment and hope .By giving love he is giving what no one is giving . Most people who work for organisations lock their offices as soon as 4:30pm clicks and they do not bother what a child is going through as long their log frames state they gave materials wanted . But can children grow with only donations? Can they fill the emotional gap with whatever materials we give to them?

Ian Mathole presents a unique model. Though not as globally awarded like me I see every child who gives him a smile giving him a Life Achievement award. I see every child he gives a smile giving it to many other children. He is not working because of donor funds . He is working because his heart has so much to build a child with shattered hopes. His love speaks more than any paper project proposal .It is this love transforms victims into leaders

Join me on my radio show as I interview Ian Mathole of
ALL ABOUT LOVE TRUST ZIMBABWE in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. Come lets sing for an unsung hero


All About Love Trust Zimbabwe (AALTZ) was established in 2009 to complement and support government initiatives in the prevention of HIV/AIDS infection and empowerment of girl children and also sharing love, hope, information, skill and support to mould them into responsible leaders of tomorrow.
Committed to offer effective services to children and young people, both affected and infected by HIV/AIDS by molding a purposeful young generation that thrives to fulfill its calling of leadership in life.

AALTZ envisions being a dynamic organization which aims to shape a better tomorrow by moulding a focused, trustworthy and dignified leadership. It aspires to groom a young leadership that fears God and respects authority.

To reduce vulnerability of the group at risk e. g orphans, women, girl-child and youth from contracting HIV/AIDS through empowering them by:
i) Equipping them with life skills that enable positive decision making for true leadership in life.
ii) Working towards poverty alleviation.
iii) Advocating lobbying for human rights.

CURRENT ACTIVITIES (Gweru, Kwekwe, Shurugwi, Vhungu, Gokwe, Mberengwa)

• In/Out School children & young people
• OVC Infected and Affected with HIV/AIDS
• Girl child
• Leadership Development
• Girl Child
• Reach for life lifeskills program
• Running leadership clubs in schools
• People Living with HIV/AIDS support groups
• Caregivers Trainings
Organizational Motto
Building Broken Children with Love and Support.

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