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Now the world must stand by a woman called Jean Gasho who is the blogger of He Was My Daddy who was orchestrated and mentally tortured by the same church which could have protected her. I read everything on her blog and also a lot of threats she received from some connections of Pastor Masocha or it might be him in disguise. Even a program for healing I tried to put in place was under attack with insults directed to me and a respectable lawyer called Rumbi. Now that sister to his wife has joined condemnation of  rape perpetrated against her, I strongly feel Masocha must repent or ask for a public apology to his victim. He did apologise to members of his wife`s family and even offered to pay money as out of court settlement but today after listening to testimony by his wife`s sister I have been shattered. How can someone do this to a child and a future wife of someone and also how can he harass her even after she has moved on? I have never seen women this traumatised all my life. There is no more justice because UK cannot prosecute him here as the case happened in Zimbabwe. But he must stand before our moral court as we ask, how could you do this to a child aged 11 and another aged 15? How could you do that Pastor? And for you big sister, Judith, how can you keep silent as your sisters suffered this much? How could you do that? Come 1 March, the women must heal and every woman with past case of rape must consider healing. The past was terrible but lets join hands to make the future brighter.

Jean Gasho has chosen to save lives and I joined her. This is the hardest part of my career as an activist. When a Pastor is supported by even professionals in his church who are fully aware of safeguarding issues then the whole scenario  makes the victim look wrong and I must stand by her side and so do others. Imagine when a victim has to pay the price for breaking silence-ever seen backlash on church based violence victims ….worse than you can imagine.


When Talent Mapungwana, brother to Taremeredzwa Mapungwana emailed Muzvare Betty Makoni to seek for some help for Tare who suffered a tumor and they seemed not to make a breakthrough to some assistance, they finally wrote to Muzvare Betty Makoni and called her their last hope. Bringing Tare to UK was very hard because they could not get visas five times and then using her advocacy and diplomacy as well as guaranteeing Tare would be assisted and return to Zimbabwe , the visas came out. Muzvare Betty Makoni committed to fundraise for Tare as well as volunteer to take care of her at her house. She successfully did that and Tare had two operations with all hospital bills paid for. Muzvare Betty Makoni went a step further by arranging for a film company to document her story so that the world comes to help thousands of girls with same condition. To think today Muzvare Betty Makoni is being persecuted for saving the life of this girl is very unfair. Have people thought what if she chose to ignore the plea from Tare`s brother? What if she did not stand up to offer her house and even sacrificing for her boys to sleep on the floor? She is aware many people come at the end of the story but fear its beginning. If only all these people writing and filming now could have come when Muzvare Betty Makoni was up and down in hospitals then this could have made situation better. The generosity and kindness human rights defenders like her give to others is abused and it is the same people who later seek help who abuse her and other human rights defenders. Muzvare Betty Makoni is waiting for a day and time when she writes a book of what exactly happened. She will never leave lies going round. For our communities to thrive we must always tell truth. Those who get help must ensure they extend same kindness and they should never harass anyone for helping them. Truth about how we suffer as we help will come in form of a book that will help generations of activists to come.Click here and listen carefully to her speech and you will read her pain and suffering whilst trying to save lives Click here


There are some cases of high profile alleged  rapists like Dr Munyaradzi Kereke that are very hard to deal with. Their political links make them untouchable.In the case of  Dr Munyaradzi Kereke even Police Commissioner of Zimbabwe confirmed police had done investigations and provided evidence to court but the Attorney General has withheld the case. It has been very hard for authorities in Zimbabwe to bring him to court. It sets wrong precedence and it puts lives of children at risk. Zimbabwe can only be safe when such men are put behind the bars.It looks like rape survivors are the ones paying the price now. (More news articles coming)

Dr Munyaradzi Kereke allegedly raped 11 year old girl at gunpoint
Dr Munyaradzi Kereke allegedly raped 11 year old girl at gunpoint


The case that put the life of Muzvare Betty Makoni into danger is one in which she tried to help a young woman allegedly raped by Obediah Msindo. For some two years the system blocked her from getting justice simply because Obediah Msindo was politically linked with Zanu PF. However, I later learnt the only way that he could avoid jail like many others was to appear as if he was a Zanu PF loyalist. The case was heard at lower court after 6 months of Muzvare Betty Makoni pushing the courts. In the lower courts the magistrate ruled that Msindo had a case to answer. Thereafter she was victimised and case was taken to high court in defiance of what the lower court had ruled. At high court Muzvare Betty Makoni was labelled a liar and she appeared in the government newspaper with articles attacking her. The victim escaped to SA and sought asylum. Obediah Msindo was released and he persecuted Muzvare Betty Makoni and sent death threats to her. This case was very dangerous and it could have taken her life. She was labelled a sell out and from there onwards she became targeted.



Muzvare Betty Makoni has been advocating for Johane Marange church to stop marrying girls as young as 9 years old. In Johane Marange church a man stands up in middle of church service and claims that he has been given a little girl in a dream. He takes the girl and church allows him to marry her and she becomes his fifth or sixth wife. Muzvare Betty Makoni spoke openly about it in Zimbabwe but little did she know that this church had high profile links in police and politics. When she was arrested in Zimbabwe under false allegations one senior member of the church who is a police officer teased her and said , `What will you do to replace our little wives if you stop us from marrying them?`(To share more)


Muzvare Betty Makoni Is A Girl Child Rights Activist, UK Gender Based Violence Expert,CNN Hero, Speaker, Published Author & Poet, Theatre Director, Educationist, Philanthropist, Ashoka Fellow, Human Rights Defender, Mentor, Trainer, Coach, One of 150 Women Who Shake The World, Social Critic, Critical Thinker, Mother &Wife

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