Hon. vimbayi tsvangirayi-java-muzvare betty makoni tribute

Joining family, MDC Alliance and the nation of Zimbabwe to bid farewell to this great daughter of Zimbabwe and Africa I was so accustomed to opening my twitter and quietly follow Honorable Member of Parliament Vimbayi Tsvangirayi-Java. She posted a lot about doing good and doing it now. Every time . I read her posts on Twitter. She was solution focused. Since the day she was involved in an accident, a month ago, I have missed the power in this woman. She had a presence amongst all strong women tweeting in our Zimbabwean circles.
Many people have asked if ever I met Hon Vimbayi. I said I did not have to. Vimbayi was the trust staying in our hearts. She was confidence that a daughter could take her father’s legacy forward. She was an MP for Glen View South Constituency. She was the voice. She was inspiration to many young women who saw her rise to be Member of Parliament. Her networks had grown and her dreams and aspirations had shaped.
Born the first daughter of Dr Morgan Tsvangirayi and Mai Tsvangirayi, she pursued her education in Zimbabwe and Australia. She was a graduate of Castle University in Australia. You could tell from her writings that she applied her Bachelor of Development studies and urban and regional planning to improving lives. The time like this is a trigger. I lost my mother when she was five years younger than Hon Vimbayi. This is age when one reaches their direction in life. This is the age where those around you know that you are fine even after such a fatal accident. No wonder we relaxed and thought you would be back. We missed an opportunity to say all this when you lived and stood for Zimbabweans.
And so adorable. You died on a journey of those working hard for Zimbabwe to be better. And hopefully your death gives Zimbabweans that rare chance to reflect on what exactly we should do. Your death though physical, you left many Zimbabweans trapped in death of their souls, minds and everything that they are. I recall a woman who screamed for support via my Whats app. I wept. But you the bold that I know, you spoke out in parliament. You encouraged peace.
So, Hon Vimbayi, your name says it all. Your name says , ogh well only trust and believe change will come one day. And then you rest. Look after your beloved husband, sisters, brothers, Zimbabwe, relatives and us we are mourning from afar. The last two days have been the most shocking and painful. Pain, anger and depression just made dull what we thought was the future. You are an angel. Smile on and on. They say angels smile and go. Goodbye.