Girls Empowerment Clubs Officer- Avril Tsungai Chiyangwa to empower girls in Zimbabwer

Avri Tsungai Chiyangwa, Girls Empowerment Clubs Officer. Holds a degree in Sociology and Gender Development Studies. She has remarkable experience in human rights defending activities. Went through the Boost Sife Fellowship Training entrepreneurship as well as a program in Female Sexual Reproductive Health. She is an empowered young woman who has the zeal to facilitate our vision to empower girls in all spheres of life, promoting information, knowledge and skills, sharing on career guidance, HIV/AIDS, children’s rights and gender within girls clubs with the knowledge and experience that she possesses.

Girls Empowerment clubs

Girls empowerment clubs are being formed daily all over in Zimbabwe. Over the next five years we want to achieve the following

One national workshop held successfully for and by girls in the whole country

Roll out a Empowerment Toolkit designed by GCNW to set standard and quality delivery of programs. The kit has standard content, training tools, methodologies, procedures and policies put together for and how the systematic transmission of the Girl Child Empowerment Model through streamlined activities, leadership development, and established quality .

Have 300 additional girls’ empowerment clubs around the country within five years.

Have girls in clubs running income generating projects that will sustain them in the long run.

Girls Empowerment Clubs needs and Development

For the past ten years GCNZ spent ten years visiting all its clubs in Zimbabwe to understand and appreciate what has been accomplished. This need for start capital to have girls in clubs start up income generating projects. These projects will generate income which will be used to sustain the clubs at a time when they are weaned off from GCNZ paving way for new clubs.

  • Start up capital
  • Training for coordinators and presidents on leading and running a club
  • There is need for a national conference for all girls in girls clubs at the end of the year.
  • The country700 registered clubs hence the need to have M and E carried out to asses and document the current status of girls clubs and measures to be put in place to have them running smoothly.

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  1. I am so touched by what u do 4 gals and women.its a very powerful move and i applaud u 4 that.Women must be emporewed 100%.Thank u Betty and yo team. Am very much willing to help in any way i can.

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