Girl Child Network Worldwide among top four for Home office funding in South End on Sea in Essex

Lucy Jackson-GCNW volunteer communications Officer,Essex ,UK

  Girl Child Network Worldwide is among top four projects selected to present their bids on 24 March 2011 at a Community Initiative called Over to You sponsored by South End on Sea Borough  where residents  will vote for a project they want funded and some presentations made by the top four selected projects

Betty Makoni ,Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network Worldwide has confirmed participation at this UK home office funded initiative which is part of government efforts to support Big Society.

`It is so motivating to submit a bid and then to get a response that you are among the top four to present to a whole community who will vote for which project to be supported.Violence against girls is something our organisation is very passionate about and we have proposed a project to help create a culture of prevention and not wait until girls` situation deteriorate until they get help.In Essex, GCNW is poised to reach greater heights as we keep work towards a global Girls Empowerment centre for all girl child advocates replicating our model round the world,` she said

On 24 March 2011, four projects will be presented before residents of four wards in South End on Sea Borough ,Essex UK choose the best three to get funding.The projects were selected through a rigorous excerise where they had to submit bids to a panel who shortlisted the four.

Asked whether GCNW  project will focus on Black and Ethnic Minority groups only ,Betty Makoni said ,`There is no violence that is black or white or mixed.Violence against girls is the same .Abuse of girls knows no colour ,creed or religion.It is all around us resulting in massive loss of human potential .So it imperative to mobilise all girls to stand up .`

This is the first project Girl Child Network Worldwide has sought funding for since registration by the Charity Commission  in UK .Since 20009 when the organisation set up in UK it has primarily focussed on building a support base to include staff ,volunteers ,trustees and friends of the network. GCNW is satisfied that everyone who matters is now there in the network and the organisation has started approaching institutional funders to roll out its five year strategy in Africa ,USA and UK.