GCN Worldwide Calls for Immediate Arrest of MP

Statement from Girl Child Network Worldwide on sex enslavement of under age girl by MP of Magunje

Girl Child Network Worldwide and all affilitaes in eight countries around the world calls for immediate arrest of MP for Magunje , Franco Ndambakuwa, who committed statutory rape and used out of court settlement by marrying the girl he later physically ,emotionally and economically abused .

An account given by News Day, a daily newspaper in Zimbabwe ,Nehanda Radio and many news papers as well as investigations carried on this case on the ground, show that the deceased child who was married under 16 and died as a child under 18 qualifies to be a minor needing state protection according to the Children`s Act in Zimbabwe.

At the time of her death many relatives and friends witnessed physical abuse and her life is equated to that of a sex slave under bondage.The fact that no cabinet Minister authorised this marriage shows that it was illegal.

Child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe is a cause for concern worldwide and numerous reports in our possession show that none of the cases reported so far have sailed through the courts and many young girls are dying before their cases are heard before the courts .Child marriages are rampant and these have caused a silent genocide requiring an independent commission to fully investigate.

Girl Child Network Worldwide would like to advise girls and all citizens of Zimbabwe to send to us any details of girls forced to marry or who are being raped and find it hard to get justice.

Girl Child Network Worldwide is equally appalled by rape and sexual violence against girls to an extent that a continental class action will see all cases in different countries seeking intervention of International Criminal court or other regional courts as seen fit.

The Unity Government in Zimbabwe must move in swiftly and deal with this and other rapists who are walking scot free and who are harming other girls as there is no sex offenders register in the country to monitor these and as such many of them are not first time sex offenders .

We call upon all African leaders to respect the AU Protocol on women`s rights in which it is stated all harmful cultural practices to the detrimental and development of the girl child are hereby banned

We await a response from MP Francho Ndambakuwa and this time we hope he speaks with reason and maturity and avoid a situation where his statements incite a citizens` arrest.

Inserted by Girl Child Network Worldwide
Johannesburg ,South Africa
5 August 2010