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Esther Saidi   former Girl Child Network Zimbabwe girl who is at a top USA University  is the one selected to attend  Fest Africa, Maryland USA award night which for the first time gives  Honours 2012 Award to Betty Makoni  for outstanding contribution as an African to the Non-profit service industry, with Girl Child Network Worldwide. Due to her busy schedule Betty Makoni will not join other four awardees at Fest Africa on 12 August 2012.

The FestAfrica board of committee members announced that they selected Betty Makoni as a distinguished Honoree at FestAfrica 2012. In review of her outstanding contribution as an African to the Non-profit service industry, with Girl Child Network Worldwide – promoting girls rights, empowerment, and education and helping young girls reach their highest potential and being a voice for young girls who are voiceless in their communities.  Betty Makoni`s   dedication to excellence in her career and committed passion in community service has proved that she compassionate, and continue to be an inspiration to countless of women and men around the world.

FestAfrica- Non-profit service

Betty Makoni said, `Esther Saidi is exactly like me. We both struggled for our education and worked as child vendors. We are girls who know what education means for a poor girl. I am so happy we are now sharing such platforms. I remember Esther when she was 12 and her journey to a top US college should inspire many. I am happy that girls I helped ten years ago are the ones testifying now. I am happy each one of them has chosen a field of study or work that empowers other girls and women. A very small seed I sowed and now brings me such a bumper harvest `.

FestAfrica USA is the Official African Festival in the State of Maryland and it celebrates its 10th Anniversary by giving Non Profit sector award and the first recipient. The award coincides with official global launch of Betty Makoni`s official Autobiography, Never Again, Not to any woman or girl again.

`We consider it a great privilege to receive you an outstanding achiever from the Girl Child Network to accept Betty Makoni’s award. Congratulations to you as well for being a great inspiration to many. We cordially invite you to accept her award and share your gratitude, inspiring story and any words Betty Makoni will like you to share to our distinguished guests and attendees., ` said Tolu Yeboah Entertainment & Awards Coordinator

Ms Betty Makoni’s award will be presented on Sunday August 12th at 4pm. We’ve requested for attendees to arrive 1hour before the ceremony.

Fest Africa is a two day celebration of African Culture and Heritage 1pm – 8pm. You are welcome to stay and enjoy the festivities on both days if you’d like to. Admission is Free

FestAfrica 2012 — Sat & Sun Aug. 11 & 12

10th Year Anniversary

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