Entrepreneurship Africa -Dealing with root causes of poverty in Africa

In the last 40 years I spent almost half my life selling at markets. I used to sell tomatoes, onions and candles in the high density suburb of Chitungwiza. Many girls were part of the vending group. This gave me the leadership skills I have today. I have set up an enterprise Muzvare Betty Makoni Empowerment Initiative .I do this when I am not doing my job as Chief Executive Officer. My dream is to have a factory that churns out empowered women and girls . Without being empowered a woman or girl can lose everything they have worked for . Look at my website here www.muzvarebettymakoniei.co.uk

Our neighbour mai Cecilia is still at her small vending place since 50 years ago.Vendors are the women who made me and every penny that made me survive came from the market work.Lets support these women with small insurance schemes and pansions so that when they age they are with dignity .

Today I bring Davison Mudzingwa to my radio show at 6pm to talk about entrepreneurship in Africa.

The culture of hard working has always existed in Africa. People work their fields and feed themselves and even have surplus to give others as donations or sell to grain marketing boards. However and sadly this culture of Doing It Yourself is fast replaced by donations and donors and it will cripple the continent for a long time. As I start on Global Fundraising I can see what my friends here in the West have to go through to fundraise-its hard work. Today on my show I am inviting a special guest Davison Mudzingwa for a show on entrepreneurshii

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Entrepreneurship Africa is an initiative aiming to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa. Profile of entrepreneurs and various entrepreneurial activities are used as a motivation.

The stories are derived from across Africa. Our motto is to show the human face of entrepreneurship in Africa. Motivation begets motivation. There is no better way to motivate than to showcase real stories. Our belief is that a better world will be created though entrepreneurship.

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