Enough, calling for ceasefire -Poem dedicated to Zimbabwe and Africa

Zimbabwe`s vulnerable girls want peace
Zimbabwe`s vulnerable girls want peace

As a woman leader, I have been following political events, issues, confusion and complications in Zimbabwe and amongst Zimbabweans in the diaspora in the past years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.  I read a lot. I listened to many.  I discuss with many whether openly or in private. I speak on many forums and get the same question which way for Zimbabwe. My answer is as long as we don’t solve the political crisis we don’t solve the social and economic challenges. I strongly go back to my points I have made that Africa needs to create a democratic template where people participate in choosing leaders not necessarily based on political parties only. That said one may ask then what is the way   forward for Zimbabwe, I suggest we reconcile with our bad past and create a brighter future. Whereas we can change the future, we can’t change the past and we can’t do much to reverse it.  As a student of critical thinking I tried to sum my thoughts in a poetic verse and on Zimbabwe I feel the cold war has to stop and we create peace and build the country. Time has run out.  There are times when you look at a conflict and think how best it can be resolved and you find the options are very limited to peace. Once we solve the political issue all others issues get solved as well.



Enough, calling for ceasefire : Poem by Muzvare Betty Makoni (Copyright) Dated 20 August 2013gh, now calling for peace

Ceasefire on decades of endless Cold War

Ceasefire on Cold war freezing just everything   and everyone

Ceasefire on words of spit fire for words fired with peace

Ceasefire on   hate speech and hurting even more

Ceasefire on threats whether real or planned

Ceasefire on political cyber wars in a peaceful global village

Ceasefire on shedding blood of fellow citizens or foreign citizens

Ceasefire on warlike faces and unnecessary bully behaviour

Ceasefire on wars hidden or open, known or unknown

Ceasefire on wars planned or unplanned

Ceasefire on wars of the intelligence-no guns but just warring

Ceasefire on buses and market places

Ceasefire on media sending out toxic news causing cracks to one country

Enough, calling for ceasefire

Calling for ceasefire…………………

On behalf of those silenced far and wide

On behalf of fallen heroes   yearning to rest in peace

On behalf of those murdered and raped but have forgiven

On behalf of my great grandfather Chingaira Makoni, beheaded in First Chimurenga

On behalf of future generations who civilisation forbids wars but dialogue

On behalf of future generations to see peace we created and not wars we fought

On behalf of Africa`s poor fighting for one meal per day

On behalf of those born in war and now live in one after the other

On behalf of those still traumatised by previous wars that ended physically but not mentally

On behalf of those with no school or teacher, no University or lecturer

On behalf of the unemployed youths roaming street to street

On behalf of prostitutes fighting for survival with wars on their bodies

On behalf of the powerless who will not say or ask but just watch

On behalf of the whole Africa struggling for centuries

On behalf of those building and investing

On behalf of those willing to forgive and forge ahead

Enough, Calling for ceasefire

Calling for ceasefire……

For the sake of poor grannies with orphans, none of them in school

For the sake of women vendors raped crossing   borders

For the sake of the sick with endless wars of terminal disease

For the sake of those born to live and not die

For the sake of those sleeping on the streets with no roof over their heads

For the sake of lost generation of young people wandering in wilderness

For the sake of moral fibre, rotting and stinking even more

For the sake of those who want to build Zimbabwe on true values and principles

For the sake of those who have committed to work for Zimbabwe

For the sake of true friends of friends of Zimbabwe

For the sake of those denied stay in foreign lands and now destitute and paupers

For the sake of those with skills and expertise and want to build Zimbabwe

For the sake of our professionals turned liars to help those fighting

For the sake of those who want to create wealth and genuinely share it

For the sake of those tired of fighting

For the sake of those who solution in peace and chaos in wars

For the sake of those seeking genuine reconciliation

For the sake of those wanting justice and fairness

For the sake of the nation so fallen apart

For the sake of peace makers and peace keepers around us

Enough, calling for ceasefire

Enough, calling for ceasefire

True heroes search for peace

True heroes find peace

True heroes make peace when they find it

True heroes speak peace and spit out war

True heroes help an never harm

True heroes walk the talk

True heroes do more and speak less

True heroes are inclusive and never exclusive

True heroes never make fellow citizens enemies but friends

True heroes build and never destroy

True heroes are men and women of the people

True heroes want only dialogue and never weapons of mass destruction

True heroes are open minded and talk less and listen more

True heroes sacrifice and give it all

True heroes win the hearts of masses without asking for little favours

True heroes are music that masses sing daily

True heroes are loved an protected as much as they protect

True heroes leave legacies of peace and never tragedies of wars

True heroes are humble but highly revered

True heroes don’t ask for titles for their peace give them entitlements

True heroes don’t say they are heroes but let the masses do

True heroes sing peace and only peace

True heroes extend words of peace and chase after those yearning for war

True heroes don’t revenge or punish

True heroes are just and fair

True heroes create Unity of people and purpose

True heroes are leaders and lead with only truth

Enough Kamaradha, calling for ceasefire