CNN Hero Betty Makoni condemns killing of children in Syria

My credentials may not be as high level as UN envoys or any President in this world and so my message may not be taken with seriousness it deserves. My message may not be amongst those of high profile people with international obligation to protect the powerless, but still as a recent  CNN Hero for protecting the powerless award winner as well as  Decade Child Rights hero along President Nelson Mandela voted by millions of children in a global vote for World Children`s Prize, I join men, women, girls and boys who believe in protecting the world`s children to join in my condemnation of killings of children in Syria.

For how long should we watch children perish like what has recently happened in Syria? Images of dead children with gunshot wounds lying on the floor show us how the world has failed the children. Why has it become normal and just passing news to see a life of a child ended by power hungry and selfish leaders? Why has International Criminal Court not apprehended leaders who kill their own children? Where are women leaders in this world? Are we not mothers who know how painful to bring human life? Is it not painful to see a child lie dead because those with obligation to protect have failed to do so? Is it time we think of new ways of moving speedily in countries with wars to protect children and the most vulnerable? I think we have many questions that need to be answered especially on our responsibility to protect.  If Syria had UN peace keepers obligated to protect defenceless children and women, how come today those mandated with their protection report they watched as children perish in such brutal and bloody killing?  Why is it we move to act only after millions of children die whereas in most countries in the west, the loss of just one child would bring everything to a standstill? Why are our children not as important as children in the rest of the world?

The last thing I want to see in this world is a dead body of a child. Children by their very nature are peaceful, innocent and look up to us adults to protect them. But if adults prey on children and cut their lives short then we ask if ever such adults can be trusted to lead. Once you murder one child, you murder the world. You murder hope and you murder the future. The bodies of children I saw lying dead show us the failure of all states in the world on their obligation to protect

Syria conflict has been on for and those mediating for peace should have taken all measures necessary to protect children. All state parties have an obligation to protect and so in a situation like this someone should be held accountable.

Children in Syria and all children in countries where war and violence rages on cannot continue to be sacrificial lambs where irresponsible adults vent their anger. I condemn in strongest terms killing of children and those responsible for killing of even one child must be held accountable as specified in International laws protecting children.

I work for Girl Child Network Worldwide as Chief Executive Officer and our charity is a registered International charity to protect and support girls in Zimbabwe and Africa. We advocate for girls round the world.

Please note video  here  is too graphic.

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Bodies are prepared for burial in the town of Houla, Syria, in an image released by the opposition’s Shaam News Network. About one-third of those killed were children, the U.N. said. (Shaam News Network, AFP/Getty Images / May 27, 2012)