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Former Chitungwiza Ghetto girls mobilising to support hospital-Vasikana VeChitungwiza in Diaspora

Many turn their backs on places and people who brought them up especially if they are shanty and problems there seem endless. Not Linda Kute and other former Chitungwiza Ghetto girls. She recently formed an organisation called Vasikana VeChitungwiza in the Diaspora. She is now determined to mobilise all women and girls who were bred and brought up in Chitungwiza.


I attended her first meeting at Holiday Inn express in Dustable on 1 October 2016. What struck me was her determination and passion  to establish  a  charity that could serve the  Chitungwiza community in UK and back home. The  Chitungwiza General Hospital was the first proposed  project. Speaker after speaker shared passionately about  how they saw the hospital being built when they were still young and how it had saved lives of many people who could not afford private hospitals. They also expressed concerns on lack of drugs, modern equipment, blankets and basics like baby milk. The meeting had great outcomes especially for the sick and frail in the city.  The outcomes of  the meeting were as follows


  1. The attendees discussed how they would use resources available to buy syringes, milk bottles for babies whose mothers died during birth. A  story was shared by Evangelist Kalonga who   said that during her most recent visit to the hospital learnt about   a newly born baby whose mother died during birth and now to be taken to rural areas to be looked after by her grandmother. No viability assessment was done as there are no human and financial resources to do so. The child would need to feed on milk until such a time she could take more solid food. The attendees agreed that since the issue of feeding bottles and baby milk was more urgent based on what staff at the hospital said, some funds donated would be channeled towards purchase of  baby milk and bottles for the babies. Each tin of baby milk costs US$8 per month and none of the women or their families could afford this.
  2. It was agreed that those who wished to donate would do so. However, funds would be used based on needs of women and children at the children. The situation of women  who cannot afford to buy medication and pay for their treatment was agreed to be the most urgent priority. Therefore, the first project in future would be focused on the maternity ward.
  3. The project would go on a massive recruitment of former Chitungwiza girls and be headquartered in Luton. All meeting attendees agreed to establish a local organisation to bring all of them together. It was agreed that capacity building of members in leadership and fundraising would go a long way in strengthening the women in UK and Zimbabwe.
  4. Grant plan would see the project grow and approach some bigger donors in future. It was strongly felt that for now, more advocacy was necessary to ensure there is an awareness in UK on plight of women and children using Chitungwiza hospital. Therefore Linda and her team agreed to work closely with all organisations supporting Zimbabwe projects.

The meeting attendees were inspiring. Their commitment to come together was amazing. Two of the attendees travelled all the way from Leeds.



A T-shirt has been launched and is available for sale  to help in fundraising efforts. See Ms Barbara Chinyani.


Donations are welcome and please donate to Vasikana VeChitungwiza Account Number 03923851 and Sort Code is 20-45-45, Barclays Bank.

For more details please contact Linda Kute on all social media and on her personal email

Women Empowermen A Reality:First Female Global Network presents ‘The Global Visionary Women’s Network

Liverpool’s First Female Global Network presents ‘The Global Visionary Women’s Network’ very first global convention at the heart of the Cosmopolitan City of Liverpool.


On Friday 11th July 2014, as an integral part of the ‘International Business Festival 2014’, Liverpool’s First Female Global Network presents The Global Visionary Women’s Network’ very first global convention at the prestigious IFB Hub, which is situated in the heart of the Cosmopolitan City of Liverpool, in the affluent Waterfront district. The Convention was  officially opened by The City’s First Citizen and Lord Mayor, Cllr Erica Kemp.

The Global Visionary Women Network brought  together some very prominent and highly renowned international and national leaders and speakers. The speakers ranged from Royalty, Visionaries, Pioneers, to Executives. The day that was  led by women of substance. The Global Convention is an exclusive and highly empowering event and ideal for anyone seeking empowerment and to become skilled at global co-operation among the world’s women. This is now one of the most prestigious events on Liverpool’s social event calendar.

The IFB 2014 Event  hosted 200 delegates from across the globe and boasts some of the World’s leading Female Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Visionaries as key speakers.  These inspiring women travelled from far and wide to share their knowledge, experiences and wisdom with the City of Liverpool and its existing and emerging leaders.

The focus of the day was on  empowering women globally to overcome the potential barriers they encounter, and contribute in strategic leadership roles towards the economic, social, and political development of their respective countries, and share good practices.  Exploration of the differing barriers facing women across the globe and encourage delegates to learn from the experiences of others will be key during the day.

This was  an all day convention, which included plenary sessions, keynote speeches, workshops, debates, exhibition and a red carpet reception luxurious conference dinner, entertainment/fashion show and networking event in the evening at The Liverpool Marriott Hotel.

More official links to the story are below and please watch more press as it will be updated

The proceedings of the day and speakers in details to inspire you Click here


Zimbabwe UK woman video mentally frees many women in domestic torture


Listen to the video before proceeding to the story

For many and if only we stop pretending, the video released by Gaynor has too familiar content. Husbands who cheat on us are  not new. Houses are full of them. What is new in fact  is that we have a woman who has brilliantly shared her story via video and on social media to an extent it has generated a good discussion on issues that kill woman silently. How would you feel if your husband was to cheat on you in your house or even elsewhere?

After all is said and done this woman has done something heroic. She has confronted our fears to break silence and educate society at large that promiscuity remains killer number 1 of women. One needs to listen to her video carefully to get her message clearly. It heals hearts of women struggling with the same issue. And that`s what those of our sisters who have chosen to play the promiscuity games with such cheap men are attacking her for. She has made impact on her campaign against domestic violence.

Like me and you and all of us, Gaynor is a mum and as we have seen in her video she is a wife with a home she looks up to. She has three children. As far as I know there is no woman who would be so brave to speak out via video. Something must have prompted her to come out in the open and present her case to the whole world. It is so touching and deeply moving to see an appeal for help to us all and her sincerity to talk to all women who hide such pain. Yes, believe me, and all of us know that. A lot of our men become promiscuous. Most probably you have spent your whole life putting so much into an affair  that someone does not appreciate at all.

If someone pays even more attention to her message and which is the first of its kind to come via video within diaspora communities amongst married women, you get a feeling that she is strengthening many whose husbands hop from woman to woman. Whether you want her to hide the secret and pretend all is fine or not, but she presents many married women with an opportunity  to reflect on their situations and in her narrative she shows us how gracefully she handled the matter of finding her home filtered with her husband and another woman. Many women physically fight, commit suicide and murder. But she did not go that route.

Now as for my recommended way forward. I want to appeal to the police to ensure whoever caused pain on Gaynor to be formally charged with mentally torturing her. If indeed and which is something we all believe by now based on her video the man was with the alleged Ennet Kambarami, then the two must face criminal charges and pay fully the distress they caused her and the children. Domestic violence includes emotional abuse and mental torture and I tell you mental torture by a partner is the worst form of domestic violence. We want to know that a criminal case has been opened and that the  two culprits are punished. The place the man entered with the woman is a marital home and not a public toilet.

Then as for our Zimbabwe community in UK, lets find ways to support women like Gaynor. She has come out to us to speak out with hope that we listen. As you are aware many women we have mourned before have been tragically murdered because they feared the shame of exposing promiscuity by their husbands but here is a woman who speaks out before she loses herself or kids. She has consequently liberated more women who find it hard to speak out.

And to those who find laughter in  such pain, I tell you one day you will need a shoulder to cry on. It might be your sister or daughter going through this one day and Gaynor will remind you that we all need each other. And those who find time to blame and bully Gaynor during her testimony, I tell you one day you will seek for someone to listen to you to no avail. As a community lets embrace each other and celebrate that at least one woman is alive in what looks like could be a tragedy. No woman could handle this the way Gaynor did.

On our part we have put this case on high alert and we are following it and hopefully the police will engage some experts in the community to help Gaynor in this challenging moment. There is a time you need someone to hold hand till trauma subsides and if ever there was to be that  time, it is now.