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Malawi and Africa -How shameful we left “hyenas” destroy girls

Erica Aniva who is HIV positive  raped little girls and was paid to do so in order to fulfil cleansing rites.  Read  full story here BBC Story on a man who raped girls to cleanse himself

Photo credit BBC News

Now that the  beast Erica Aniva is arrested, whither to with little girls so wronged?  What would have happened if BBC had not exposed this? Are we saying Malawi fears to offend culture more than ensuring the lives of children at risk? There are questions to be answered. Malawi government, parents and all who claim to stand for children in the country should take full responsibility.

Each time an update of BBC documentary on a man known as hyena comes to my inbox or am tagged by a friend  I try to cover my head from from emotional and imagined physical punches. I keep visualising the destruction of  little girls. I see the whole scene when they stand pleading for mercy with no one paying attention.

I recall the documentary I was featured called Tapestries of Hope which featured similar stories where men rape girls because of the virgin myth that HIV and AIDS is cured by having sex with a virgin girl. It is not ignorance because most people know there are HIV and AIDS drugs. The myth is deep seated and it perpetuate violence against women which must be challenged now.

Zimbabwe`s vulnerable girls want peace

Well he is finally arrested. Most probably as loyalty to the world, Malawi government will jail him. But are they sure they will jail the harmful cultural practices. There are millions of girls violated by over 30 harmful cultural practices in Africa. Arresting one and not crushing all of them at once does not help. Malawi like all African countries refused to make law the AU Protocol on women and girls rights that outlaws such harmful cultural practices. There is urgent need for laws protecting children in Africa. There is urgent need for funding and support to go to children trapped in such harmful cultural practices. They will not exist unless government takes urgent their plight. There are no children`s services in Africa. The girls could have escaped and got help. But there is nowhere to turn to.


Action Against Cyberbully VioMak-Over 109 Zimbabwean women leaders in UK unite for action

By Naomi T for Muzvare Betty Makoni newsdesk

Can the whole world please be warned that this Zimbabwean woman is not a human rights defender.Please desist from donating to any of her unregistered charities she purports to run in UK and many places.

Over 109 Zimbabwean women in the UK have finally come together to  do a joint program to stop cyber-bullying by a woman who masks as human defender and who  has duped thousands of Zimbabweans to join her Facebook as well as soliciting donations since 2009 for unregistered charities. Records show that she also duped home office into granting her asylum at the expense of many well deserving Zimbabwean women after Canada had found her claims false and fraudulent. Her encyclopedia which she fraudulently set up states she is a human rights defender but in reality she is double faced and has used that online record to dupe many in UK. A total of five women have lost cash to her. She operates numerous news websites in UK and Zimbabwe and targets human rights defenders, charity leaders and anyone deemed successful. Recently she targeted a woman running a community online empowerment for women in UK who recently got awarded for her community work in UK. Hundreds of men and women have been defamed through her websites and many have lost jobs with their employers. Men and women have made reports to Birmingham police who seem not keen to investigate and establish nature of her misinformation, harassment and threats to ordinary Zimbabweans in the UK.

Meanwhile women are uniting for action one of which would be to launch an anti cyber-bullying campaign in Birmingham where Vio Mak is thought to reside. A formal petition jointly signed by the women will be presented to UK prosecutors  and to Home Secretary Theresa May to investigate the number of community men and women abused through her  many websites and whose livelihoods have been ruined.

A community page has been set up  and Zimbabwean women have asked the world to add their voice.  Meanwhile the Zimbabwean women have made appeals to pro bono human rights lawyers to advise on how best to proceed with suing for damages collectively in UK courts.

Zimbabwean women are appealing to anyone who might have been victimized; their charities, families and friends and just anyone who support this anti  cyber-bullying  campaign to join the page. Every little helps!!!!!!

Women wont stop till they get justice !!!!

It is time to stop cyberbullying now Join the Facebook page here

Please note that Facebook banned her but she keeps using false names to reopen the pages. Whenever you spot her pages on Facebook please alert Facebook Team and you can let them she was long banned.



Society must not forgive rapists else our children perish-Makanaka case


Makanaka is a young woman I personally admired the days she worked on ZTV Kidznet to an extent when her collegues learnt paedophile Sambasi had held her hostage, I personally organised a rescue team. The team received a message from a top Police Commissioner to leave the case and vacate the place. Sambasi was a well connected pedophilia. When I insisted on the rescue, next it was Makanaka herself who hailed insults at me  that I should stop rescue and leave her to enjoy her marriage. Her marriage was certain to her as an underage girl turning 16 by then  but to me a girls rights activist , this marriage was just a way to cover up rape charges by pedophile Sambasi. My file against Sambasi  had all evidence of rape of a minor since she was 13. I wanted Makanaka`s mum arrested too as an accomplice. When I read the message directed to me by Makanaka via the Herald and insults she hailed to me personally I felt she was loved and a victim.

Today I hear she has formed a trust to help victims of child marriage and my heart goes to her. Yes she is finally  joining us and of course with her rape case pending. She said she verbally made an agreement that this man must pay for the children. Verbal agreements are not binding at all Makanaka. If you are going to lead in this new project you are not going to tell girls to negotiate on rape. It is an unforgivable crime!!!!!!!!!!! Once we get to know the pedophiles , we must let law take its course.

Any man who has sex with a child under 16 must be arrested and sent to jail.Pedophiles like Sambasi in Zimbabwe can rape and pretend to marry and dump their victims. We must toughen the law enforcement. Rape victims must not settle cases out of court. If you do that the same man may harm the next girls. Help us eliminate rapists in society. Rape of under age girl is not negotiable. Crime is crime and it does not matter when that crime was committed. #sticktovalues