Betty Makoni`s new year resolutions: I stand on solid foundation for my work

Via Facebook

I came to UK to start a global network for girls. For three years I have gone round the world meeting with people who share the same mission, vision and passion.In the few days I was in Arizona I took some quality time examining everyone who will come in my circles of work, social media , charity work, my private consultancy work, my interests like writing and poetry, my family nucleus or extended, friendship, church…I have the list now. As I move up with my work I list those I feel support me the most and I support them the most. 2013 in my year to keep positive energy and take my work a level higher. I did the background work and the foundation is very solid and anyone who tries and shake the foundation of my work is automatically deleted. There is a time in life where one must spend more energy and time where it is most appreciated. 2013 I am here with my foundation and all I want is to thrive and rise.