Betty Makoni will be at On The Up Project launch

Betty Makoni is honoured to have her story and the Girl Child Empowerment Model included in this book- a masterpiece and a must to buy for everyone who is passionate about Africa. As an organisation we want to say congratulations to you Rob and Nikki for the job well done.

Please see details on the project and launch and you have until 6pm to buy your ticket and come see this amazing project.

Buy your ticket now:

Attend the launch and get a free signed copy of the book (RRP £15)

In 2011 Nikki and Rob Wilson travelled from Cape Town to Cairo with a personal mission: to find exceptional changemakers who exemplify the truth that, despite its challenges, Africa is on the up. Thanks to support from Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and Vodafone Foundation, they travelled across nine countries uncovering incredible individuals who are using entrepreneurial solutions to drive social change.

The Book Launch will be the first official public talk given by Rob and Nikki, who will share a selection of stories from the social entrepreneurs profiled in their book. From a Zen Buddhist who is training rats to sniff out landmines, to an ex-playboy millionaire who is using his fortune to tackle multinational mining firms, these anecdotes will be thought provoking, inspiring and often quite hilarious!

There will even be a chance to meet and network with many of the social entrepreneurs featured in the book as Rob and Nikki have arranged for some to be at the Book Launch event.

The talk will fire you up about Africa, illustrate the themes coming out of the emerging arena of ‘social entrepreneurship’ and most importantly, will inspire people to think about how they too can become a changemaker. This will appeal to everyone with an interest in international development, the third sector, social entrepreneurship, innovation and their personal career development.

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