Betty Makoni poem mourns Belgian bus crash children

Little ones silent, let me be silent even more-Poem by Betty Makoni

When bodies of children lie silent

When in white caskets their lives locked

When their eyes close just so

When just yesterday they were all over in hyper

Just today as if in hiding and hidden

When today   we say to them goodbye

When daily they said to us good day

Then let my words be more silent

Then my day no good day

Then let me be locked in this silence

Little ones silent, let me be silent even more

Belgium they lost twenty two little ones

Crushed in heart and in spirit

When home they headed   and half way almost home

When the journey was almost complete

Then it started another one   in spirit

One we will meet when they angels speak

One by one to resting place

I see no children but just caskets

Is this the way right hand gives and left one takes?

My tears let them flow to them children

None I know at birth but all I know at death

My tears let them sweep away parental pain

My tears let them be solidarity for bereaved mama

My words and these in this poem let them be solace for papa

When you have nothing to give or to console

Let your sorrow be my sorrow

Let little Belgian angels rest

Then back again in mental labour

Searching for answers of why

Answers which never come

Is this then what it is meant to be?

When we want them to grow, they go silent

Little angels of Belgium, Rest in peace

Here I leave nothing else, just a flower and my poem

When little ones are silent, let me be silent too

(Poem dedicated to children who died in Bus crash in Belgium.Betty Makoni says that when she cries deeply she writes a poem.Please pass on this poem to parents who lost their children.)

Please see their pictures and read about the children here. So sad .This is so sad. I am a mother of 3 boys and when I read such news I weep inside. I always put myself in the position of parents . Can all parents, relatives and friends be consoled and may you all know when you mourn for children, as mothers we mourn too.