Betty Makoni on Ordinary People, Changing Peoples’ Lives-Africa Television Voice of America


Wednesday, October 26, 2011 [1830-1930 UTC]


“Ordinary People, Changing Peoples’ Lives” Ordinary people are changing lives on the African continent through public service. Simply by one person standing up for those who need help, like a Ugandan man who collects soap from American hotels for use in African refugee camps, or a woman finding help for Zimbabwe’s young sexual abuse victims. These people are helping to make the world a better place with such honorable initiatives. Join us on the next edition of “Straight Talk Africa” when we introduce you to some ordinary people and their extraordinary efforts for progress.

In another development

Call to action-Taking Girl Child Network Worldwide to Top 12 in the world –Join us today


Girl Child Network Worldwide is among top 54 girls innovative projects to be selected for Girl Effect  and  Global Giving Fundraising.  It’s a rare honour and opportunity

Our project is now LIVE here

The Girl Effect Challenge runs from October 15th to November 15th to determine which twelve amazing projects will become beneficiaries of the Girl Effect fund for the next year.

Girl Child Network Worldwide is  kindly asking for your support.  What you need to do is simple. Get five to ten of your friends to donate any amount to the page and then their friends` friends to do the same.  Just click here

You get tax deductible certificate for your generous donation too as all donations go via Global Giving which is based in USA.

The number of donors  and the number of supporters will determine whether we can make it  to top 12 . How about if you get  up to 10 of your friends giving 5 dollars each and then we expand the network.

In addition, each organization receives an equal share of the contributions made to the Girl Effect Fund throughout the year. This means our projects in Africa will have funding for a whole year and this will make us focus on work on the ground more.

Please feel free to do whatever you can  with your workmates ,relatives, friends,  neighbours and even some donors you know to help in this challenge. Tell them to like the page and to join us on Facebook and Twitter as well as make a modest donation. Please post this on your Facebook or form a group on the campaign.

We are so determined to change girls lives in Africa and your actions will help us do so. Please know that your participation will not end with the challenge. Beyond that,  you will get to know which  girls to directly benefit from this initiative and how the funds have helped the girls as well as helping us to choose which girls self help  projects to fund.

Please do whatever you can to publicise this to all your networks .You are allowed to form a group on Face book on any email list.

Thank you so much for the time and support and Girl Child Network Worldwide cherishes our friendship with you always.

Girl Child Network Team