Betty Makoni first born son advises parents on violent films and games

Tinopiwanashe Michael Nyamapfene (16)is Betty Makoni`s first born son who wants to major in Computing Science and make software that is child friendly.His interests are in science,journalism,playing soccer (He plays for Thurrock football club) He loves eating.

The gaming and film industries are growing at an alarming rate. In this present decade children are getting more and more exposed to violence in video games and films. Popular titles like, Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield are dominate the gaming industry with a reported total gross of over £4 Billion among those three titles. They are distributed to every corner of the globe and cause queues and commotion in city centers upon release.

Games are now available on almost every gadget. There are also some that cause violence in children like bad upbringing and parenting. Video games come with an age rating which is approved by major gaming companies like  in the case of PEGI and RTA. All the video games I have mentioned above have at least an age rating of at least  sixteen. But they are increasingly becoming top themes of teenage culture and conversation.                                                                                                                                                    In February 2011 there was a case of a sixteen yea old boy from Philadelphia, who killed his mother for confiscating his ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ game which was at that time the best selling game for a consecutive three months. The most shocking part of the story was him telling the police during an interview, ‘If I could go back in time, I would never touch a video game again. I really miss my mom…she was the only person who cared for me.’’ I this instance the question to ask is ‘Do these video games come with a diabolical possession trait’

The same applies to films. The things that are shown in films become symbolic to a child. There was also a major story of two ten year olds who tied a minor to a railway track in 1991. Their actions were known to have been inspired by a horror film called ‘Chucky’. This film was immediately banned and the case started the debate of the criminal responsibility age which has now been reduced to ten.

On the other hand I personally feel that it also depends on the child’s level of maturity. If younger children are exposed to horrific violent films then they are more likely to be violent themselves because their minds have not fully developed to understanding too much right or  wrong. So that means is that  violent habits will develop and form a foundation in their minds which will keep developing until they reach the levels of life in prison and the lethal injection.

In conclusion to my article, my advice to parents is to monitor their children carefully whilst playing video games and watching films because it is guaranteed that every film and video game has an age rating. On the other hand ,I think teenagers can play these games and watch violent films as long as they just don’t cross the line and take responsibility for their actions and use video games as a form of entertainment not something to dwell upon day and night.

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  1. Great advice indeed, technology is increasingly affecting the youngsters negatively instead of empowering them, even thought the glass is half full it is also half empty. Good advice Tinopiwanashe, keep it up the great works

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