Betty Makoni extends a friendship hand to a Zimbabwean man harassing her on facebook

For the tenth time in two weeks ,my friends have emailed me to say there is a man by the name Ngoni Kundidzora from Zimbabwe but now on an unknown mission to Ethiopia who always calls me all sorts of names on facebook  and he collaborates with certain groups who are now well renowned for hate speech. I finally decided to look for him just to find out what the issues are .I then found out he has been a lecturer at a Ploytechnic in Zimbabwe and on his Facebook he has so many respectable friends.

Fearing he would harm me since his picture does not appear Zimbabwean ,I then decided to read his personal information just in case the stalking and harassment ends up being physical. I then got a friend to send me his real picture.He is not Ethiopian at all.I was getting really worried the facebook page maybe fake as picture is not his.

Ngoni Kundidzora  has heard other people speak about me and now that he is a friend on facebook , he has  every opportunity to hear from me direct.I sent word to him on his facebook and told him I am a very open and straight forward woman and any time he wants to learn more about my work for girls he should contact me .I sent him links to my past,current and future work and asked him to read just in case he has any questions.I extended a hand of friendship.

Having turned 40 recently ,I have decided to deal with stalkers and those who harass me in a mature way.I always ask them to show me where I did anything wrong.I always ask them to come and sit down with me to talk so that I  learn more about their concerns. When Ngoni contacts me I will make sure I update my blog

I think social media like facebook brings us closer to many people from all walks of life and I can imagine if I start going round writing terrible things about Ngoni Kundidzora  without even knowing where he comes from or where he works and what made him work there and for how long and then just post that Ngoni is terrible fraudster and hail all shouts

I was just looking at Ngoni Kundizora `s photo on facebook and he looks quite an old man who by now should have wisdom to pass on.One thing he could do first is to look at himself and what he could write for generations of children to come rather than focus on me and my story as mine is a story am writing myself .

Zimbabweans are stinking with hate speech and once I pick it up I will correct it and then teach all children we have on facebook that after all, we are citizens from same country and wherever we are lets respect,value and support each other.If I am determined to be a girl child rights activist why should Ngoni stand on my way and not encourage me .If he wants to be what he wants to be I cant stop him.

It is time to face each other now .Gone are days when someone could just harass and accuse you of something you did not do and then they spoil your work.I am here to ensure my story is told in a dignified way as when I struggled to put GCN together I did not meet Ngoni but that poor girl who had only me to look up to.None of these people who write about me were there when I was attacked by malaria in rural areas of Zimbabwe trying to build Girls Empowerment Villages.By then many said I was crazy and when am done and everything is up and running Ngoni and other stalkers call me a thief and corrupt.What is corrupt when one helps a child in need and give them an education and a life.

Ngoni here is my hand of friendship to you.Get a day when we talk about my work and you learn more.