Betty Makoni celebrates girls emerging as leaders from Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

When Betty Makoni founded Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe in 1998 with ten of her students, she had a much bigger vision in mind. She wanted to groom the next generation of women leaders starting when they were young. Girl Child Network Zimbabwe set up over 700 girls clubs in over 42 districts of Zimbabwe which to roll out a  major program of the organisation to train leaders. It costs not much to set up a girls club as a teacher or community leader and impart leadership and empowerment skills. The curriculum developed for girls empowerment is life changing.

Some ten years down the line some girls who got inspired have formed their own organisations, their own styles, their own beliefs and in ways they think other children can get help. On our plant we thank all girls who are now leaders and have come up with initiatives to help other girls. The seed we planted continues to grow and benefit even more children and that is all we wanted to see. And we thank our young women who write to say thank you for all the work we all accomplished together.

The reason to form Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe was not to monopolise it and centralise everything. We had a desire to see the Network grow and spread out into a movement and daily stories like this inspire us. Daily we find a girl or woman standing up to change the world. Today we ask the world to notice this crop of new leaders who despite challenges and poverty, they sacrifice their time and resources to help. The young women may be invisible but the work of Girl Child Network is to identify such good work and recommend it for support. Please read below and help our girls as much as you have helped us to grow and be where we are.

`My name is Kudakwashe Khuleya.I am a former member of the Girl Child Network. I was a member at Bindura Primary school in 2003-2004. This year I founded a non-profit charity that helps fund the education of underprivileged children in Zimbabwe. I would really appreciate if you could help us get more funding and sponsorship.`

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