Best Selling US Author to inspire Zimbabwean girls and young women:31 August

                                   Never Again Book launch  &  Royal night Fundraiser  for Girl Child  Network in Harare, Zimbabwe.                                       

Turning Scars into Stars-A Stirring Call to Action to Empower Girls

Keynote Speaker confirmed

Keynote Speaker of best selling book not to be missed in Harare Zimbabwe. If I am to ask the best place a parent can take their child, of course to the royal event so that they get life skills and then where they know books first and babies later. Then one cannot miss inspirational and motivational speakers like Mac Kuja. It is now  confirmed and mark 31 August as important date. US45 dollars 3 course meal and a donation to a girl of your choice

4 West Road 550, Essex United Kingdom, renowned world figure and CNN Hero Muzvare Betty Makoni has just confirmed that Marie-claire Nabila Kuja, bestselling author and global speaker will deliver the keynote address at the Never Again book launch and a royal night fundraiser for girl child network .This will be held on August 31 2013 at the Jameson hotel Harare Zimbabwe in the presence of high profile women and men from around the sunshine city and beyond ,starting from 6pm till late.

Her message will be center on the theme to be stand strong and never allow sexual violence destroy their future as well as encourage the whole world to support girls education. Never Again: Not to any woman or girl again”, a theme she calls a song that should be on the lips of all women and girls worldwide.

LeahAfricaDesigner will be speaker
LeahAfricaDesigner will be speaker

During her keynote speech, she hopes to encourage the girls of Zimbabwe to magnify their potentials and not their problems and that we all can rise above any circumstance of oppression or abuse. Further, she will share a new vision of what must be done to live an authentic life instead of conforming to other peoples’ expectations of us or trying to fit in the status quo.

Marie-claire is a sought-after speaker, author and expert on self –esteem building and confidence, a nurse turned author who in 2012 after receiving a lot of rejection letters from publishers, turned to self publishing and published three books which soon climbed on Amazon Top 100 bestselling lists. Her provocative book series ignites the spirit of advocacy in readers, exploring empowerment, inspiration, bravery, peace of mind, forgiveness and hope. Through her writing, Marie-claire calls for advocacy to start from the home and at personal level.”It’s only in that way we can make peace with ourselves and learn how to accept and embrace our imperfections joyfully, completely and with pride”.

The official launch of her books and not- for- profit organization  will be held in New York on Saturday July 6th 2013 ,where there will be panel discussions with community leaders about the timely issue of bullying and it  sometimes deadly consequences on our society.

Lisa and Fayi are Program Directors
Lisa and Fayi are Program Directors

She is always very delighted to have the honor and opportunity to serve and to share a snippet of her story as a form of inspiration and empowerment. A story like hers, a girl who was once considered an outcast but is now getting much support with lots of men and women identifying with it. These are special nights to speak, reflect, fund raise, take, give, hug, network and make a difference. We must instill a new culture of love, forgiveness, peace and harmony in our lives, communities and families.

As a teenage mother and victim of bullying, Marie-claire was not fully aware that there were millions of other women and girls going through similar situations. Once she realized the staggering number of women and girls suffering from bullying and low self-esteem, her anger was evoked to fight and stop the menace, a crime that has cost the lives of so many and leave a handful with very little or no self worth. She didn’t feel emotionally scarred only for herself but for the millions of other girls who remain invisible in the rumbles of death and low self-esteem. She was determined to break her silence and inspire millions across the globe to do the same. Rejection did not enslave her nor kept her a victim of her past, thus rather than stand by and cry over it, she took a self empowerment journey and turned her scars into stars by establishing her organization and is carrying it with passion which is fast becoming an inspiration to many globally, with her messages of empowerment engraved in the pages of her books spreading throughout the world. She with her NGO is making sure the whole world joins her efforts. Her story shows survival, triumph and empowerment of an African girl who refuses to let her life be controlled by others.

About the author

Not long ago, Marie-claire Nabila Kuja, Founder and CEO of False Labels Global Inc. and author of the False Label Series, heeded to her calling and began to use her gift as an author/inspirational/motivational & transformational speaker to do the work God called her to do. She is a passionate speaker in numerous panels and workshops, primarily those devoted to the enhancement of self esteem of young girls and women throughout the world.

Her passion is to inspire, empower, encourage and motivate others to overcome any strongholds that have held them back for so long. She respects and embraces her calling as a true gift from God and is ready and willing to spread her wings throughout the world. She is a mother, a nurse, and the author of this powerful and best selling False Label Series. She is also a great blogger and blogs on inspirational and motivational topics at She is originally from the African country of Cameroon and lives in New York.

Before she became a published author, she wrote and published very inspiring and motivating articles for an online magazine called Ezine:

Her newest book projects are:

1) Women & Girls of Strength: A self –esteem workshop curriculum which will be used in schools, churches, colleges, and women’s ministries worldwide to help women and girls discover sparks of self worth in their lives.

2)Women Who Changed Africa: A ground breaking collection of biographies which is meant to showcase African women change makers worldwide, who are doing great things for the world and the African continent in particular.

She will be signing copies of her books and will also be meeting and speaking in schools (colleges,universities,churches,women’s group’s embassies etc)

Zimbabwe`s vulnerable girls want peace
Zimbabwe`s vulnerable girls want peace

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