Before I turn 40-Editor of my Autobiography and Adopted Mother unveils my story (

On 22 June I mark my 40th birthday and what a long journey I have trodded.I am daughter to Davison Forimbo Makoni and  the late Fiona Nenguwo Chagaresango .Both my parents come from Chieftainships.

My whole life was marked with tragedies and unfortunate situations that made it very hard for me to achieve many things I would have wanted. Despite many challenges I faced from age 6 when I started vending on the dark streets of Chitungwiza to survive ,be educated and render support to my mother I have a feelling that so much has been achieved for other girls like me in the years I started my activism which is what is important.

As I turn 40, I have decided to officially announce that my autobiogrpaphy will be out  in the near future  and my Editor and adopted Mother Jo anne Pritchard has put together the story in a more dignified way.For long I shared the story with many people and I am so grateful everyone who wrote about me did so with so much passion and sensitity. The feedback I got from many women and girls boys and men has shown me what one story can do to inspire others. For those who made attempt to change my story through false stories ,here is an opportunity to read my book and maybe ask for a day to sit down with me to get a better understanding why I worked for girls and what it is my lifestory that made it imperative for me to do so.

I will not be there to celebrate my  birthday  as you  all know travel and work is always with me .I am in France on the day celebrating Ashoka Change Makers 30th anniversary and what a good coincidence to celebrate my birthday at a time when Ashoka the organisation that supported me so much   is also celebrating.

Join me and my family and friends on Muzvare Betty Makoni show as we celebrate my birthday and unveil my forthcoming autobiography.If you miss my story rest assured you will have it posted everywhere

Life begins at 40 and so on Tuesday I will start another chapter of my life but the past 40 years is a chapter I feel when my book is out many will be inspired. at 6pm UK time