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Muzvare Betty Makoni (BA Gen, BA Special Hons,Msc pending) is CNN Hero 2009 for Protecting the Powerless, where she was honoured by Nicole Kidman. She has 50 global awards for innovation, commitment and passion for her work to protect over 350,000 girls in Zimbabwe over a decade. United Nations Red Ribbon award honoured Betty Makoni and Girl Child Network as having the most innovative strategy for gender equality. Muzvare Betty Makoni is an Ashoka Fellow and singled out as one of the investors in poor and marginalised women and girls deserving of this life honour as a fellow. News Week named Betty as one of the 150 women who shake the world, alongside US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. An Honorary Decade Child Rights Hero award (2011) that Betty Makoni received alongside President Nelson Mandela, who won the award, also shows the impact Betty Makoni has made globally. Muzvare Betty Makoni has inspired millions around the world to replicate the Girl Child Empowerment Model that she developed. Besides her work with Girl Child Network Worldwide and building many Girl Child Networks in Africa and throughout the world, Betty Makoni is a mentor, coach, and trainer for women and girls who want to do similar work. Muzvare Betty Makoni has a lifetime of volunteerism and service to many causes and has served on Oxfam Novib and UNAIDS Round Tables. She sits on many boards of high profile organisations like RESTORED UK and serves as Ambassador and Patron of Africa Achievers Award and Zimbabwe Achievers Awards. She is a published author of a poetry book, A woman, Once A Girl: Breaking Silence, which was recently launched in London. Muzvare Betty is featured in best-selling books including Women Who Light the Dark by Paola Gianturco, On The Up by Nikki and Rob Wilson, as well as main subject in the award winning documentary, Tapestries of Hope, by U.S. Independent Presidential Hopeful for 2012, Michealene Risley. The Girl Child Network Empowerment Model which she started in 1998 has been singled out as Best Practice and included in University of Essex Journal for Human Rights 2010. Due to the high demand for Muzvare Betty Makoni to speak, mentor and coach girls and women round the world , she has responded by setting up a social enterprise Muzvare Betty Makoni Empowerment Initiative in UK where she offers consultancy services to organisations, schools, churches and families challenged in any way about girls . Many people book Muzvare Betty Makoni as a motivational speaker and this enables her to offer a service whilst at the same fundraising for her work in Zimbabwe and some parts of Africa. If at any stage you want Muzvare Betty Makoni to come speak, mentor or coach girls or women or if you want some of her team members she personally trained to come do this , don’t hesitate to email her direct on

Ms Meghan Markle is not 3000 years older-just a peer and 3 years older

Excuse me Ms Markle is not 3000 years older. She is only 3 years older. Not even 3 centuries or 3 decades. Just 3 years hey!!! Come on, why persecute women over such simple matters and in societies considered a bit civilised and past prejudices like?

There appears to be repeated messages in news articles about age of Ms Markle and Prince Harry. The way this is emphasised and unnecessarily repeated points to subtle sexism. Where I come from, women who married younger husbands even by one day were never forgiven. One day older or or any  number older or even same age is never forgiven. Society is age biased against women. But should women move around with birth certificates in their handbags to show their age when men approach them for love?We have many lessons to learn about high profile love of Prince Harry and Ms Markle. In a practical way they destereotyped age and race when it comes to marriage. They know those extra layers are not necessary as their hearts and minds are very busy on each other.  They teach that love and marriage are ageless and can be done by anyone and anywhere in the world.

My article targets those adamant a woman should be younger in marriage. I want to challenge them on gender stereotype and risk they pose in society if they dont challenge their misconceptions. Journalists in particular need gender mainstreamed in their training and work to avoid gender stereotype like this. It is becoming worse and society must challenge this. I thought it was my own culture with such a harmful cultural belief until google presented me news articles in their thousands attacking Ms Markle directly and indirectly.You read a news article that states that Meghan 36 and Prince Harry 33.You go to next paragraph and again you read Meghan 36 and Prince Harry 33. Then 7 more paragraphs repeat the same Meghan 36 and Prince Harry 33. To be honest, is 3 years age difference especially when a woman is older in marriage anything to worry about like this? Kids with a 3 years age difference can play together in school and at home. Am siblings with my brothers and sisters who are 3 years younger and people often get mistaken who is older.

There are millions of 13 year olds girls in this world forced to marry 70 year old men who deserve to be supported by media campaigns. Noone repeats such huge age difference in any newspaper. It is not news. Why is it not an issue if husband is older? Why is it permissible for men to be older in marriage.Gender stereotype is very bad. It is no longer news to anyone that Meghan is 36 and Prince Harry 33. We must wait for their birthdays. 3 years difference is not like 3000 years.She is vibrant and youthful just like her fiance. Lets stop persecuting a woman who found love with their lovely Prince

Sexism can  be subtle and it attacks a woman again and again.It attacks her age. It attacks her gender.It attacks her looks. It attacks her dressing. It is perfectly normal to have a friend younger or older. You dont need birth certificates when falling in love.Love is ageless and raceless.

Zimbabwe Gender Activist Muzvare Betty Makoni tribute to Hero Winnie Madikizela Mandela

In our Maungwe tribe of Makoni lying in the heart of Manicaland in Zimbabwe we say Gomo Rawa for such heroes of people. We then give a strong gun salute and bury women like Winnie Mandela in a place for legendaries. Gomo Rawa means a mountain has fallen.This is a mountain and its rubbles and heavy impact felt round the world. Heroes fight a good fight and rest. You did exactly that.

You fought a great fight and you inspired millions of generations in South Africa and the whole world. You inspired me personally. Rest in peace Winnie Mandela. Rest in peace daughter of the soil. You stood up against injustices. Many thrive today because of your dedication.

To be a wife and a woman and a mother is never easy. Throughout your political career you were real. You real the Queen of Africa.
Rest in peace my hero.

Below I share a tribute  from Global Movement of African Diaspora and Migrants

Muzvare Betty Makoni Life Achievement Award from Women4Africa-News you might have missed!

Credit:Article taken from Women4Africa Blog 

For the first time in our  Six year history Women4Africa  will be presenting a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

Since its inception, Women4Africa has awarded a number of women in various categories and also awarded recognition awards but at its 6th annual awards which will be taking place on Saturday 20th May 2017, Women4Africa will be present a Lifetime Achievement award to its 2012 UK Humanitarian of the year and then 2014 Recognition awardee, ‘Muzvare Betty Makoni’.

“To begin to highlight the numerous accomplishments and achievements of this outstanding woman, one would need at least a month. From we first came to hear of CNN Hero Muzvare Betty Makoni in 2012, we have followed her work passionately as it resonates so well with our causes.

It is an absolute honour for the entire Women4Africa team to be presenting the very first Lifetime Achievement to the woman who is seen as a role model, an inspiration and a true hero to many. We welcome as many of you as can make it to come and witness a part of history that will be made on that day” says Women4Africa founder Tola Onigbanjo.To read about Muzvare Betty Makoni and her great work click this link
For more details of the 6th Annual Awards, visit