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Muzvare Betty Makoni joins World Leaders at World Confluence of Humanity in India

Rahul Varma, Director of  World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality on behalf ofWorld Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality Chairman Dr. H.P. Kanoria has  announced that Muzvare Betty Makoni who is a Royal from the Maungwe tribe of Makoni in  Rusape of Manicaland province will be amongst  Guest of Honour and Speakers at the  World Congruence.

On December 27th & 28th, 2014 World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality will host its Sixth Annual Confluence in Kolkata, India. The World Confluence has been warmly applauded by the public for the last five years where distinguished luminaries share their thoughts and life’s experience, highlighting Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity. It remains the task of this conference to bring home the value of enlightenment in practice as life’s journey within one’s own self and through love and service to the society at large.

This Confluence is not religion oriented. Emphatically it is for Humanity, Peace, Harmony and Happiness and to create a world good for all.

Muzvare Betty Makoni speech will focus on her personal life journey as well as speaking about the many wars affecting children. She will join other world leaders in educating everyone about the benefits of religious tolerance in a world where everyone is different. She is expected to make a plea on behalf of  girls abducted in  Chibok in Nigeria and to pay her tributes to children killed in Pakistan. Recently there have been many situations were young girls have been abducted worldwide and sold as sex slaves.

Action Against Cyberbully VioMak-Over 109 Zimbabwean women leaders in UK unite for action

By Naomi T for Muzvare Betty Makoni newsdesk

Can the whole world please be warned that this Zimbabwean woman is not a human rights defender.Please desist from donating to any of her unregistered charities she purports to run in UK and many places.

Over 109 Zimbabwean women in the UK have finally come together to  do a joint program to stop cyber-bullying by a woman who masks as human defender and who  has duped thousands of Zimbabweans to join her Facebook as well as soliciting donations since 2009 for unregistered charities. Records show that she also duped home office into granting her asylum at the expense of many well deserving Zimbabwean women after Canada had found her claims false and fraudulent. Her encyclopedia which she fraudulently set up states she is a human rights defender but in reality she is double faced and has used that online record to dupe many in UK. A total of five women have lost cash to her. She operates numerous news websites in UK and Zimbabwe and targets human rights defenders, charity leaders and anyone deemed successful. Recently she targeted a woman running a community online empowerment for women in UK who recently got awarded for her community work in UK. Hundreds of men and women have been defamed through her websites and many have lost jobs with their employers. Men and women have made reports to Birmingham police who seem not keen to investigate and establish nature of her misinformation, harassment and threats to ordinary Zimbabweans in the UK.

Meanwhile women are uniting for action one of which would be to launch an anti cyber-bullying campaign in Birmingham where Vio Mak is thought to reside. A formal petition jointly signed by the women will be presented to UK prosecutors  and to Home Secretary Theresa May to investigate the number of community men and women abused through her  many websites and whose livelihoods have been ruined.

A community page has been set up  and Zimbabwean women have asked the world to add their voice.  Meanwhile the Zimbabwean women have made appeals to pro bono human rights lawyers to advise on how best to proceed with suing for damages collectively in UK courts.

Zimbabwean women are appealing to anyone who might have been victimized; their charities, families and friends and just anyone who support this anti  cyber-bullying  campaign to join the page. Every little helps!!!!!!

Women wont stop till they get justice !!!!

It is time to stop cyberbullying now Join the Facebook page here

Please note that Facebook banned her but she keeps using false names to reopen the pages. Whenever you spot her pages on Facebook please alert Facebook Team and you can let them she was long banned.



Story in HMetro Zimbabwe a fallacy-Muzvare Betty Makoni Founder

Statement by Muzvare Betty Makoni on H Metro Newspaper  of Zimbabwe false story

As Founder of Girl Child Network, I would like to inform the world that the story in HMetro Newspaper in Zimbabwe is false and as always targets my person for no apparent reason. I am based here in United Kingdom where most of my times I dedicate time to helping women and girls build girls empowerment clubs round the world. I do a lot of community work with many vulnerable girls and women.

Just a year ago some young women and men who were assisted by Girl Child Network Zimbabwe whilst I was Executive Director approached me as Founder  to support in rebuilding the leadership of the charity since the Board Secretary had allegedly  moved  to support her organisation Women Empowerment in Southern Africa(WEFSA) and unfortunately she had left many girls with no means of being assisted especially  in  transportation for those girls at risk of abuse. On 30 December 2013 I gave a grant to support a board meeting  for Girl Child Network Zimbabwe but Edinah Masanga the Board Secretary did not show up and it is alleged she locked out some of her board members and efforts to have her attend meetings failed. It is at this board meeting that a proposal was made to expand the board and put more transparent systems in place.

Since Edinah Masanga was absent and this board consisted a quorum , subsequent meetings approved that former members of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe be appointed to the board. There were initially 30 young women and men from various professions who wanted to join but after a very thorough selection process a team of six board members was put in place and approved by old board members. I then approached them with online training and I think for over a year now I have spent time and resources training this new board to run the organisation more effectively and effeciently so that girls do not call me for help but rather access services from Zimbabwe. For HMetro to call such young people thugs  and such names and yet  they  have given their time and resources to the charity by  helping so many girls  is rather unfortunate.

As Founder member of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe and as someone who is a mentor and coach to them,  I do encourage a succession plan and it is always something I do with young people so that they also lead and give back their time and resources. Noone was hired to be a thug at all. The young men and women are former members and beneficiaries who have come to give back whatever they have. By doing so  the charity cuts on  overhead costs as the charity is purely a community based voluntary  charity serving the most vulnerable girls in Zimbabwe. I therefore think given volunteer time and resources the young six professional board have given I need to mobilise support for them. The situation at the moment is such that young girls who need help still contact me on Facebook. I am very positive that if Edinah Masanga bows to truth and do handover and takeover with this team the issues being exaggerated in the HMetro Zimbabwe will evaporate. So much good work has been done and so many partners for this charity are coming on board to help.

Edinah Masanga has a bigger load with her organisation WEFSA and I had a chat with her board many times who expressed willingness to support the transition from her to young women who are giving their full time to the charity Girl Child Network Zimbabwe. The story she has complicated to HMetro is a contrast of the so many efforts by the charity to rebuild and carry the work for girls forward. As a woman leader she should do the right thing and attend all meetings and forums by these young professionals. It does her and the charity no good to abuse government media to fake stories to defame other leaders. There is a clear misrepresentation of facts and she is abusing her position as former Board Secretary and in any case it is unethical to peddle lies.

That said I also make an urgent appeal for any volunteers to help with audit and legal issues as that is what the charity needs urgently. Apparently Edinah Masanga has all 21 vehicles for the charity in her custody and none of them has been released for use by the girls. The only way to tackle this issue is to ensure she attends audit meetings going on. There is so much misinformation in her statements and a proper audit can help.

Otherwise as Founder of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe I stand by all former members and beneficiaries of the charity who are doing everything to help other girls as much as they were helped during my leadership. I for one pledge my fullest support and will do all I can to get expertise for management, governance and audit. I urge you to keep focus because a girl does not need to call UK to access a service. There are enough leaders in Zimbabwe to put this in place.

That said we are very positive that former members and beneficiaries of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe who are leaders and professionals in their own right will voluntarily come forward to offer time and their skills for the sake of many vulnerable girls in Zimbabwe. This is a very simple way of building capacity in Zimbabwe and many African countries for those who benefit or from our communities to give back and no matter how small. The past few years have shown me that Girl Child Network Zimbabwe has thousands of young women and men who support it in the country. As the Founder I am ready to support them reach their goals. Moreover through our legal team of experts soonest you will learn more of what has been happening in a more professional way.

Please note that should anyone wish to reach the new board and support them or hear their about their hard work email

Also join them on their Facebook page and send your constructive contribution to them because after all vulnerable girls need the programs and services Child Network Zimbabwe Facebook

May I  inform all that for a long time to come such women and media people will keep their defamatory stories  targeted on me but let me rest assure you that nothing of what they write will make me stop the work for girls worldwide because for the past five years since I left Zimbabwe I have worked so hard to build a strong global movement for girls. I have donated all my time and resources and so many highly respectable men and women have given so much to this global movement for girls. I do have records of our work on both successes and challenges of the charity like many others, but to be frank these are issues with good solutions. We do have brains enough to tackle everything and thanks to world of technology for we can now reach out to most of you with another side of the story. Though my personal website I will keep you updated on support that Girl Child Network Zimbabwe needs and we thank all young men and women coming on board to help. We thank legal teams and volunteer auditors helping this charity.

Disclaimer-This message was written by me Muzvare Betty Makoni in my personal capacity as Founder of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe in support of all girls