An Open Letter to Parents:Bring your daughter to Never Again Royal night

Dear Parents

I am sending this letter on behalf of Girl Child Network Worldwide, an organisation that supports empowerment of girls. There is going to be a special event  on 5 April called Never again Royal night and it happens once a year to inspire their lives and impact them positively. The event is called Never again Royal night.

As you are aware many girls face so many problems like early pregnancy, drugs and joining gangs and sometimes as teens they get hooked in dangerous activities. Our charity always feels that we can be proactive and prevent. We don’t want to cry later knowing which issues we know we could prevent.

We are aware however, that this time, economic situation is very hard and as a parent we invite you to try your best and give your daughter a one chance day out for her to experience inspiration at Never again Royal night. The mistakes we made as women she will know. She will meet great women who achieved in their lives who they can relate to.

The whole day is spent on changing a girl and shaping her life goals. You also give your girl time to reflect on what she is currently doing and if not on the route of confidence and empowerment for her to reconsider joining our programs. In 2013 we had girls who attended and this has changed them forever. When we speak empowerment into their hearts girls want to change and reach life goals. But there is a price to go with it and we are writing to you because we know you are a parent who wants to invest something worth in a daughter. Just £40 allows your daughter to be part of the Never again Royal dinner. She will meet the best and best inspirational women who will inspire them for life. £34 pounds allows them to stay in a village retreat hotel and to experience life at its best. They wake to a full breakfast and networking day with girls of her age. They will share how the Never again night has changed them. 15 pounds allows them to get a 390 page inspirational book to change their lives forever.

They will be motivated to read every word in the book. When we say we empower and inspire we invest in girls in a way that makes us see our purpose on earth. Please do call 07951522790 and speak to Muzvare Betty Makoni direct and hear specific details of how you can prepare your daughter to attend. We have a flier with all details and send a message on for you to receive a copy. We can’t wait to welcome you and your daughter.

Hopefully we will hear from you

On behalf of Muzvare Betty Makoni

CEO-Girl Child Network Worldwide