A zimbabwean man gives Betty Makoni a poem present on 40th birthday

I am in the midst of reading messages friends posted for me on facebook on 22 June as I celebrated my 40th birthday.As you all know when we get a little fame,we tend to look down upon  ordinary men and women ,boys and girls we grew up with and yet they keep their support to us in a sincere way.

I read a poem written for me by Kenesias Dambakurima ,a Zimbabwean activist at grassroots level and my tears went down my face.I just thought about so many extraordinary things man like him are doing and I said to myself I have never sat down to encourage him like he has done.I have not sent just a hello.

This is food for thought for many of us who think are high up there and who think we matter more than the people who look up to us .We receive so much love,support and encouragement and yet we do not seem to appreciate

My only wish is that I remain with ordinary men and women like Kenesias for  such resilient people made me what I am today.Their life experiences have taught me to work hard , to have a life full of love and not materials  and  just  to be selfless.

Kenesias and others are my teachers of life.Their stories even though not as covered as mine ,their actions on the ground impact on lives of their peers.What good is it to be up there when the people we lead are down there? Also we get all great praise and we do not reciprocate at all.

Today I want to just acknowledge that  there are many young men like Kenesias doing extraordinary work and who hope things in Zimbabwe become better so that those who are suffering can lead decent lives

Below is poem from Kenesias

Please note original poem is in Shona and then translated below into English

Ruzivo, njere ne moyo
Murefu Makazviwanepi Muzvare Betty?
Tsiye nyoro, njere Neruzivo Makazvitorepi Muzvare Betty?
Nokuti hazviwanzo Itika pasi rino kuti Munhu apihwe zvipo, Zvose.
Vazhinji vane njere Vaine hutsinye,
Vamwe ndivo vane Ruzivo dziri mharadzi.
Vazhinji vakadzidza Asi vanobata chibharo Vanasikana,
Vamwe ndivo Vanenjere varivanyepi Vakuru.
Saka ndati moyo Murefu, tsiye nyoro, Ruzivo nenjere,
Wish you all the great things in life, hope this day bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.


I have written my poem

Where did you get all this from Muzvare Betty

Wisdom, intelligence, patience

Where did you get all this from?

It is rare on this planet for someone to have all great qualities

Many have brains, but they are very cruel

Others have knowledge, but destroyers

Many are educated, but they raped girls

Others are intelligent, but they are the biggest liars

So am asking again and again

Where did you get patience, kindness, knowledge and intelligence?

Where did you get all these qualities from?

Tell me Princess Makoni

Wish you all the great things in life, hope this day bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest

Kenesias is on facebook and he is Leader of Zimbabwe Open your Mouth Camapign



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