A mother keeps daughter alive –My plea to Creator -Poem by Betty Makoni

For the late Amelia  David -died at age 16 Music star

If I could talk to you Highest Mighty Creator

I would kneel and plead as I always do

I would cry my heart out

I would surrender myself for one thing

Not to take a daughter from a mother

Today my tears flow on

Each time her mother chats

She chants Amelia my daughter

When Amelia`s mother calls her name

She is not answering her mother at all

I would plead to let her console her mother

To say yes mama I see you

Even in the middle of night

And that’s every night too

She comes  to say my daughter leading in award nomination

She cast her vote and she keeps her hopes alive

She stands more than anyone whose daughter still alive

She smiles with her pictures

She feels her but Amelia won’t say am here mama

My one plea highest creator

Let the daughters live on

You give with right hand and left one takes away

So, so young Amelia lives on

All awards coming her name will be called

She will not answer or stand up

Her mother will stand and say

Here I am she came from me but she is no more

All birthdays coming she will not sing back

Her mother is doing all

My plea with you Highest Honored Mighty Creator

Let the girls live on

Highest order I can’t stop

I can only plead with thee Creator

Let mother see her daughter to the end

My knees are down and my head on ground

Crying tears of pain

When her mother says lets go

She won’t go

When she calls she won’t answer

My plea Highest Almighty

May all mothers have daughters till end of time

Amelia`s mother cries to you by the night

I cry with her too

You could have let her daughter live on

The late Amelia has been nominated Best female hip hop artist. Pse help me her to get NUMBER 1. by.Results 7 Dec 2011@ 7 Arts Avondale Hre. Send an email to:zimhiphopunleashed@yahoo.com

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  1. You should be pleased to know that my new poetry book, A woman once a girl- Breaking silence included this poem and a tribute to Amelia. She touched my heart forever. Gone too soon.
    Muzvare Betty Makoni

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